Nicole Joy Trelour

    Sherman Oaks, California, USA.

    • Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics
    • Scientific wellness
    • Nutrition counseling
    • Precision based lifestyle medicine
    • Functional medicine
    • Personalized health


    Recognized as one of the global leaders in wellness, Nicole Trelour is at the forefront of the health and wellness industry with her altruistic approach to health, nutrition and lifestyle. Having received her degree as a naturopathic doctor with expertise in botanical and nutritional medicine she has for over 20 years been inspiring change in the lives of thousands throughout Australia and worldwide. Her audiences have included fellow doctors and naturopaths, elite athletes and A-list high-flyers including newsreaders, media types and body-conscious corporates.  Nicole brings a unique dimension to the health system due to her varying roles and professional experience encompassing that of academia, research, education and professional clinical practice.  Early on in her career Nicole travelled the country presenting seminars on evidence based natural medicine, bridging the gap between orthodox and complementary disciplines. In and amongst her primary works, Nicole has also been the successful author of many papers on nutritional medicine including being published in peer reviewed medical journals.  Having served on the editorial board of one of the world’s most elite research collaboration on complementary medicines, the likes of which serves faculties including that of the National Institute of Health, Harvard, clinicians and first class research institutes worldwide. Having worked along global experts within the medical field including her international roles in Paris and New York  Nicole is widely respected and a sought after speaker, author and functional medicine expert. Due to her proven ability to develop and execute ground breaking research initiatives, Nicole has positioned herself as a pre-eminent driving force in bridging the gap between orthodox and personalized, precision-based lifestyle medicine.


    Personalized, scientific based wellness platforms incorporating gene testing, micro biome and lifestyle metrics for a more precision based prevention centered health and wellness philosophy.


    • ATMS
    • NHAA


    Naturopathic Doctor N.D.

    Years In Practice

    21 Years

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