Nicola Cloherty

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Essential Oil Coaching
    • AromaTouch Certification
    • Marketing consulting
    • Mentorship and guidance
    • Personal Development Coaching


    I am an essential oils educator and coach, a yogi, a meditator, writer and marketer. I have dreams of being a speaker and writing a book. I love communication and believe it's the foundation of beautiful relationships that cultivate and thrive. I am a true advocate for self-love not being selfish but the foundation of the happiest, most giving person you can be.


    I believe we are all teachers and students - we should always learning. I have been on - and still am on - a holistic, wellness and a natural quest for over three years after thirty of resistance. I believe in sharing ideas and taking bits and pieces to better yourself at your own pace. Everyone is different, every client is different. 

    In my marketing work, I ensure I understand each business owner and brand's goals - and if they haven't defined them, work collaboratively with them to do so - so ensure that they can communicate their message and story to the world (

    Via essential oils, I teach and coach people to be empowered by these natural, pure, potent mother nature gifts in their every day lives - both emotionally and physically. The oils really do speak for themselves and our bodies are so intuitive - so much more than we give them credit for - our bodies work so well with plants and nature. I hear so many - and personally, have so many - success stories and feel so compelled and responsible to share them with the world.

    I also started a meetup in Amsterdam to gather people and guest speakers on topics of health and wellness - eg yoga, meditation, writing, nutrition, women's health - whereby we gather and hear ways and 'life hacks' to improve our lives. It doesn't have to be overwhelming or all at once, that approach often prevents people from making any changes.


    BA Criminology and Sociology, University of Brighton

    Years In Practice

    Marketing 10+
    Personal Development and Coaching 4
    Essential Oils 1


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