Nathan Gallagher

    Essex, United Kingdom

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    I am a 23 year old author and entrepreneur dedicated to evolving the way we perceive our own health. I believe that we all have immense healing potential within us and my books, workshops, seminars, courses and retreats work to allow full realisation of this potential. 
    I specialise in retraining the subconscious mind to overcome narrowing belief systems, creating habitual thought patterns which are self-compassionate & helping to maximise our inherent healing mechanisms through cultivating love, gratitude, optimism and blissfulness. 
    I am also a keen activist for the recent revival in psychedelic medicine for psychotherapy, tackling addictions and psychosomatic dis-eases. I believe these are powerful, sacred medicinal tools that have great potential if used in the correct ways with the correct education and regulation. As such as I am working to reform the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act as well as to provide genuine education on safety and regulation. 
    I am currently working remotely whilst launching my brand in the USA.


    When my mum beat her cancer when i was 13, i became fascinated by her holistic approach and ever since have been researching, studying and contemplating the keys to self-healing. 
    After she beat her cancer through retraining her subconscious mind and implementing complex meditative and visualisation techniques, i have learnt much from my mother. Further to this i have learnt much from traveling through Asia studying the Buddhist Vipassana and other Eastern traditions such as Hindu and Vedic philosophy. 
    My philosophy degree also provided me with the toolkit for rational and balanced enquiry into the academic research surrounding holistic medicine and psychotherapy. This has been immensely influential in my teaching as i understand the key for healing which is belief, this in itself is usually a direct product of rational and scientific enquiry. As such, i like to think there is great balance to my work. 
    I live by the mantra 'I am healed, i am whole, i am healthy'. This i practice each and every day.


    • The Psychedelic Society


    Philosophy degree - University of Nottingham

    Years In Practice

    3 Years


    I have just self-published my first book which you can check out here:
    As mentioned, i am currently building a collective to travel through and promote healed, whole and healthiness in all its forms, in the UK in summer 2018. 
    I am also going to be working at the science & non-duality conference in California in a

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