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    Natalie Garay: The Pilates Mama is a mother of 3, owner of Natalie Garay Pilates where she specializes in Pelvic Floor health, Creator of The Natalie Garay Methode, Flower Essence Therapist, and Creator of {ther•happy} Flower Essence Remedies. Natalie's mission is to share her mind and body healing experience in hopes of helping women feel stronger from the inside out. 
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    What I've learned over the last 13 years as a mother of 3 is that women aren't given the proper tools to heal physically or emotionally after childbirth. 
    My personal experience as a solo mama led me to create a method to do just that. By specializing in the physical and energetic strengthening of the pelvis, women experience less physical and emotional imbalances. 
    After spending 2 months in the hospital on bedrest and delivering my twin daughters via emergency c-section, then nineteen months later delivering my third daughter via c-section, my physical body and mental wellbeing weren't the same. 
    Through a consistent Pilates practice, Flower Essence Therapy, the help of my community, and mindfulness practices I've been able to heal and thrive. Now it's my turn to support women on their healing journey, to offer them the support and insight I've gained over the years
    My method consists of Private Pilates sessions specializing in pelvic floor strengthening, Flower Essence Therapy with custom made energetic remedies, community support, and mindfulness practices.


    BA in Dance from UCSB, Certified Master Pilates Instructor, Certified Flower Essence Therapist, Creator of The Natalie Garay Methode, Creator of {ther•happy} Flower Essence Remedies

    Years In Practice

    13 Years


    I'm currently expanding my Flower Essence Remedy line by creating remedy kits that will support prenatal and postpartum women. 
    I'm also finalizing The Natalie Garay Methode training program for Pilates instructors, Doulas, Midwives, yogis, and acupuncturists who want to learn more about pelvic floor health and flower essences to support their clients further physically and emotionally.

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