Monika Zampa

    Amsterdan, North Holland, Netherlands.

    • Energy Rebalancing
    • Healing & Trauma release
    • Life Coaching
    • Body work (massage)


    Who is Monika Zampa?
    I am a healer, mother and an artist.
    The last 20 years I have been walking the path of spiritual re-discovery, healing self and others.
    Starting as a buddhist meditator, to Vipassana follower, tantra and yoga practitioner. Maturing to full womanhood, to self realisation and finally accepting my role as a Light worker and healer.
    Growing up in oppressed Eastern Europe taught me to be passionate and determined. Working 11 years as an investment banker in the City of London, showed me the emptiness and superficiality of what I was doing.
    So I have decided to quit and never looked back!
    Since then I am realigning my life path with my heart.
    My mission is to assist in healing the collective female field (man are welcome if ready to receive).


    I specialise in re-establishing a positive energy flow in the body and eliminating deeply-rooted emotional and physical blockages. Channelling the ultimate Cosmic Healing Energy directly to the area of need and attention. Body work involves Lomi Lomi vibrational technique (lymphatic system activation) and Opu Huli (abdominal massage).
    Are powerful spiritual journeys are always unique, specifically tailored to the clients individual needs. Experiencing a fundamental emotional and physical transformation, release of long embedded and solidified blockages.
    I truly believe that our body has a memory database. Every organ and cell contains a memory of our past events. In order to make a significant change in life, we need to unblock and release the trapped cell memory. I go directly and deeply within the long forgotten paths.


    Lomi Lomi vibrational technique massage, Opu Huli- abdoinal massage - both at Malamalomi institute in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Quantum Energy, Soma Breath work technique - Awakening Manifestation, Bali.

    Years In Practice

    Spirituality almost 20+ years. Massage since 2017

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