Michelle Acosta



Villavicencio, Columbia

Services Provided

  • Coaching
  • Chakra Balance Therapy.


International Holistic and Life coach, Energy Healer I have extensive work experience in alternative healing therapies, I have talents and knowledge about how balance and heal energy body, chakras, mental and emotional sphere, also in my therapies I use combined techniques of NLP, gestalt therapy, family constellations, hypnosis and meditation, giving me varied skills and the ability to work with many different types of people and problems. I have many cases of success in healing and life transformation of my patients and I am happy to be able to offer my gifts to many more people.


I have taken knowledge of many currents; Hinduism Buddhism, new age, ancestral teachings of the natives of my country among many others. But I believe that we are our own teacher and even when we learn from philosophies and currents it is necessary to take a look inside and receive information from your own higher self, there is the only truth. So I don't follow any religion or philosophy but respect them all.


  • International holistic and life Coach
  • Mindfulness Master

Years In Practice

4 year