Mette Dyhrberg

    New York, New York, USA

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    Mette Dyhrberg is a digital health innovator. An economist turned diagnostician, she’s the Sherlock Holmes of anamnestic data. She first entered the functional medicine arena in an attempt to tackle her own chronic health issues. In her early twenties, she became severely ill. She went from earning top grades to being unable to read a book, from working as a model to being overweight and heavily medicated. For years, Mette battled a constantly changing and ever expanding array of medical diagnoses. In 2011, she took matters into her own hands, hacked her own health and founded Mymee. In doing so, she created a tool that solved her health problems and soon began helping others do the same. Mymee is a SaaS based health coaching platform that helps identify root causes by detecting non-obvious triggers for symptoms. Her coaching methods have already helped restore quality of life to people, who had been failed by the modern medical system.


    Mymee was created to empower users to uncover the hidden causes of their health concerns in collaboration with their practitioner and/or data driven coach to accomplish behavioral change to remove those causes. The Mymee platform enables personalized gathering and analysis of observational data from the users’s daily life and facilitates behavioral change through immediate feedback to the users based on that data. Drawing on ideas and methods from Lean, systems thinking, and software engineering, Mymee is built to support iterative and continuous health improvement for the individual.


    MSc in Economics, Holistic health coach

    Years In Practice

    6 Years

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