Melanie Moser

    New York, NEW YORK, USA.

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    I am an eternal seeker. My life has been one beautiful reveal after another, taking me into an unexpected journey of discovery of both Self and no-Self. Today, I offer my teachings privately and in small group settings. I love helping people find their way into their higher mind and find peace and clarity in their daily lives. I love seeing them uncover the vast wisdom of their own hearts. I am blessed to sit with and learn from so many brilliant and insightful teachers every week in conversation for my podcast, the Shakti Hour on Ram Dass's Be Here Now Network. After many years of searching, I have found my spiritual home with my teacher, Ram Dass, and am honored to be a part of his world.


    Each client or meeting is different. The first step is to find the personal intention for beginning or delving deeper into a meditation practice. Then, we begin to work with different techniques to help you come into the experience that you are craving, ie. "space" or "power" or "peace" . . . Being trained in many methods of practice, including pranayama and other breath techniques, I create a customized plan for you to follow during your week and offer check-ins throughout as questions arise. Our follow up sessions allow you do go further into your own heart and mind wisdom to discover the right pathway forward, supported by yoga postures, essential oils and flower essences, and suggested texts and readings to help you find the place that you can rest within.




    Spiritual Leadership and Meditation Training, 2010-2014; Living Meditation (David Wagner, Yogaglo) Adyashanti (non-dual) Course Study, 2012-2015 Ram Dass Private Retreat, 2015 Peace Studies, 2016 Ram Dass Immersions, 2017-2019

    Years In Practice

    10 Years

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