Meghan Wallace James

    Los Angeles & New York

    • Modern Feng Shui Consultant 
    • Reiki
    • Tarot


    Meghan Wallace James is a Modern Feng Shui consultant and mother, living between Los Angeles and New York. James' consultancy encapsulates equal parts energetics and aesthetics. It is the amalgamation of a childhood raised in a never-ending Victorian renovation & a journey in career: project controls engineer-turned- fashion designer-turned-healer.
    As an intuitive empath, James sees the world in layers of visual metaphors, the symbolic representations of embedded beliefs. 
    She uses a varied toolkit & an ever growing rolodex of likeminded artisans empower clients into alignment via personal style and self love.


    OUI ou NON?
    Do you desire prosperity and harmony?
    Are leisure and sensuality core values?
    Do you harness the power of personal style?
    Do good vibes knock at your door?
    Once welcomed inside, may they freely circulate?
    Are they offered a beautiful perch on which to flourish?
    Are you ready to take radical accountability for your environment?
    Are you ready to sweat, cry, dance, f*ck, laugh, drink, and philosophize your way into intuitive alignment, co-creating with The Universe from the comfort of your own home?
    Modern Feng Shui works in natural layers; collaborating with specific aims in mind; refreshing as the seasons change, following a primal Pagan sensibility of human nesting. Results are simultaneously instantaneous & time-released, activation & elevation, permeating as deep as you are willing to delve. Next steps are suddenly known... a delightful turn of events for those who may have felt stagnant in any given arena


    International Feng Shui Guild International
    Association of Reiki Professionals


    Certified western feng shui practitioner, Certified eastern feng shui practitioner, Certified Reiki Master, A.A.S Fashion Design, Parsons, B.S Engineering Management, Miami University

    Years In Practice

    5 Years

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