Medge Jaspan

    Philidephia, Pensilvania

    • Positive Psychology
    • Angel communication
    • Energy Work
    • Change Coach


    In 2009, Medge left Cannes, France and followed her heart to look for her true calling. She wanted to give more meaning to her life and wanted to help people have better lives. She had to start all over, learn English as a second language, returned to school to achieve her dream of using Positive Psychology to transform people's journey. Today Medge pursues her education at Columbia University in New York City in the Spirituality and Mind Body Institute of the Clinical Psychology Department. 
    Daily struggles and challenges may lead people to see the world from a darker viewpoint and become discouraged. Using Positive Psychology techniques Medge helps them identify their interests, inner strengths, skills, weaknesses in order for them to live life in a more positive way. Medge uses Angel communication in all her work. She can connect you to your Angels in order to help you define better your next step. She does not read future!
    Medge lives in Philadelphia and works mostly with teenagers, guiding them through their transition to adulthood. She uses Spirituality and Psychology to help adults find their path and have a more meaningful life, as well. She enjoys traveling, cooking, meeting new people.
    She is a talented self-taught abstract artist. Twenty years ago, after a near-death experience and four months in bed, Medge began to paint. She uses oil and acrylic for her art. She is well-known for the healing power of her paintings and their tremendous positive energy. She believes in Angels and in their powerful influence. Among her many creations you can see her art at Le Trophée de la Femme (Cannes, France 2004) -A Smile for Peace (book and Conference Cannes, France 2005) Art 4 Kids (Winter Park, Florida 2010). As a Soroptimist International, her art supports young women, she donates to Harbor House (Orlando, Florida) to fight women abuse, Adult Literacy (Orlando, Florida) to promote literacy. She also had many exhibitions around the world, among some in Fukuoka (Japan), Cannes (France) Winter Park and Orlando (Florida, USA) Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, hat you really USA) and New York City. She has been sold around the world.


    I work with Angels communication in everything that I do. My coaching, energy work and art


    BA Psychology Bryn Athyn College, Stephen Minister, Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology, SMBI - MA in clinical Psychology Columbia University (in process)

    Years In Practice

    9 years

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