Maya Kumits

    New York, NY, United States.

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    Maya learned to meditate while working as the Chief Technical Officer of an early stage startup. Not only did Vedic Meditation keep her stress levels at bay in a chaotic, fast-paced environment, it also improved her life in many ways outside of work. Out of a desire to share this amazing technique with others, she left her job to train to become a teacher.
    Born with a kinetic body, Maya is always on the move. You'll find her climbing aerial silks and rocks, balancing on her hands, and biking all over the city. She shares her love of movement with others by teaching yoga. Maya feels most alive helping others stress less, enjoy life more, and realize their fullest potential.
    She lives in NYC with her two tween-aged daughters.


    Vedic Meditation is an effortless, enjoyable, and easy form of meditation, which provides proven and profound benefits. It’s practiced sitting comfortably with the eyes closed while gently thinking a specific sound, or mantra, to naturally settle the mind and body into a state of deep rest. It can be learned by anyone and practiced self-sufficiently forever.
    Following meditation, the mind is calmer, clearer, and more alert. With regular meditation, people find their energy levels increase and they can achieve more with less effort. As a result, work, play, and relationships are easier and more rewarding.


    Initiator Traning as taught by Thom Knoles in Rishikesh, India Jan 2017 - April 2017


    2 years


    Maya has teamed up with 5 other Vedic Meditation teachers to open NYC's premier Vedic Meditation studio in SoHo. The Spring Meditation is located on 6th Avenue between Spring and Dominick streets. It offers 2 Vedic Meditation courses per week, 3 group meditation sessions per week and much more! Visit for more information about the studio.
    Treat yourself to the ultimate gift. Learn to meditate and enjoy a happier, healthier life. 
    Step 1: Attend a free Intro Talk
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    Step 3: Enjoy a lifetime of free group meditations, anywhere in the world, with any teacher.
    Mediation is easier than you think. Unlike other forms of meditation, Vedic Meditation requires no focus or concentration. It's simple, natural, and effortless.  Visit for a list of upcoming events.

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