Mason Taylor

    Byron Bay, NSW,Australia

    • Tonic herbalism
    • Health mentoring
    • Speaking


    Mason Taylor is a health educator, speaker, and podcast host with a special interest in sharing how to navigate this evolving world and the many health paradigms to create a unique and potent health philosophy and approach that helps people to feel safe, balanced and vital in their body. He is the founder of SuperFeast, which provides the best quality tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms to assist its people in finding the greatest health possible. 
    Mason is a thought leader, professional speaker, tonic herbalist and writer who inspires and teaches people to once again become enchanted with their body, life and health. He shows by way of example how they can take responsibility for dramatically increasing their state of health for the long-term.
    Mason provides some of the world’s most multidimensional talks, trainings, coaching programs and health products (via to support people on their journey of embodying self and living an enchanted life.
    Having spent over 15,000 hours studying the field of health and transformation, he employs education, vulnerable conversation and deep connection to help people discover who they really are and what they are here to do in the world. His clients stop living in an illusion about the environment and the world they live in. They discover not only how to resolve health problems, but they get the clarity and confidence to explore their aspirations.
    Mason embodies the turning of the tide for health. It is primarily a shift from the external pursuit for health towards the realisation of the individual journey to unlock what is already within.


    I work with people who are on the path to integrating their journey through the extremes of the health, movement and spiritual worlds/scenes. Health sovereignty is at the core of my philosophy and weaving a lifestyle that allows us to stay connected to our true nature and generate potent longevity is at the centre of my intent. When coaching, speaking or leading I'll focus on ensuring that the ever-emerging health philosophy one embodies stays slippery and adaptive; ensuring there is too much internal movement for external identification and dogma to set in. 
    I personally have a love for tonic herbalism and medicinal mushrooms, aiding folks to bring the ancient practices of true preventative medicine into their lives. I also bring in tension releasing, integrated functional movement based on martial principles. I encourage people to get into the wild where ever possible, especially to collect their own wild spring water.


    Bachelor of Commerce, BodyMind Health Coaching Certificate.

    Years In Practice

    6 years


    Have recently become a Father and having the best time raising a vibrant and super healthy little bub. 
    Much time and energy has been pouring into SuperFeast lately, and at this time I am proud to see that it is getting some amazing momentum in fulfilling its purpose of spreading the magic of tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms with the world. From the moment I started SuperFeast in 2011 I wanting to make these incredible herbs mainstream and have as many people as possible nourishing their organs and immune systems; because the modern system isn't going to do it.

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