Marisse Gabrielle Reyes

    Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    • Shamanic Healing
    • Shamanic Coaching
    • Space Clearing


    As a shamanic practitioner and coach, it is Marisse’s ultimate goal is to help you connect to your innate wisdom and divinity in order to live a more empowered life full of authenticity, connection, and meaning. As a shamanic practitioner, Marisse works with her guides through ancient techniques, such as power retrieval and extraction, to make real and powerful shifts in your mind, body, and spirit. As a shamanic coach, Marisse assists her clients in burning through patterns and traumas so that they can powerfully step into their true selves through talk therapy, soul excavation work, meditation, and more. It’s Marisse’s belief that anyone can live a whole and centered life, no matter who you are, what you’ve been through, or what your spiritual beliefs might be. In addition to one-on-one work, Marisse also works with groups leading meditations and facilitating sharing circles. By walking the shamanic path and always remaining a student herself, Marisse’s personal journey has been filled with profound meaning, intense growth, synchronicities, and endless possibility. Marisse's work is intuitive and largely led by her guides. She looks forward to working with you in deepening your own journey towards wholeness. Although Marisse is based in Amsterdam, her services are available to anyone through Skype.


    Shamanic Coaching Certification Gaia Wisdom School, April 2017-May 2018 Cloudwalker Program , Gaia Wisdom School, December 2017-Present Shamanic Extraction, Spirit Dream Weavers, May 2018 Shamanic Pathway of Light, Spirit Dream Weavers, April 2018 Medicine Wheel Mentorship, Gaia Wisdom School, August 2016-December 2017 Realm Reader, Doreen Virtue, October 2016 Angel Card Reader Certification, Doreen Virtue, May 2015

    Years In Practice

    3 Years.

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