Marisol Kim

    San Francisco, California, USA.

    • Nutrition Consultation


    I’m a Certified Nutrition Consultant with a calling to heal through rational methods focused on the individual. I am passionate about food and natural medicine. My mission is to nourish lives through sharing my nutritional knowledge and experience with my community. I offer private sessions as well as the occasional educational workshop.
    I first witnessed the power of natural medicine at a very early age. I was experiencing chronic digestive pain, and my grandfather healed me through acupuncture. Years later, as an adult, I began to suffer from ulcers, food sensitivities, allergies, and chronic digestion problems. Western medicine did not help me get to the root of the problem, so I turned to holistic nutrition with amazing and lasting success. This led to a life-long love affair with the healing power of food and natural medicine.


    I believe food is medicine, but it's important to also know which foods are your poison.
    Every individual is unique, so it's most helpful to customize the nutrition program accordingly.
    My approach is integrative, holistic (consider the whole person), and I use a functional medicine approach to complement conventional medicine.
    The integrative, holistic model of nutrition takes into account one's mind, body, and lifestyle. All of them are important and influential in one's wellness.
    I'm passionate about educating people on the science of food, the reasons behind the recommendations, and how food impacts the rest of your body and mind.
    I also create strategies for healthy eating, dealing with cravings, and creating a sustainable and attainable meal plan (rather than crash diets, restrictive diets, or a diet that does not fit your lifestyle).


    • Member of National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP)
    • Member of Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF)


    I’m a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Applied Kinesiology Practitioner, and Educator. I received my education at Bauman College in Berkeley, and I love attending seminars to stay up-to-date on the latest research and information about health, nutrition as well as the psychology of eating, Certification from Bauman College (Berkeley) – Certified Nutrition Consultant and Nutrition Educator, Continuing Education seminars at Standard Process, Apex Energetics, Physica Energetics, Metagenics, and Designs For Health

    Years In Practice

    12 Years

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