Marie Straus

    Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany.

    • Yoga Instructor, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, Health Coach, Nutritionist


    Suffering from Depression, an Autoimmune Disease and severe insomnia during my youth, I was fortunate to discover the practices of Yoga and Meditation at the age of 19, which helped me overcome my mental and physical health issues. Due to my history of disordered eating, my curiosity about food and the idea of wanting to find the “right” way to eat, led me to study holistic nutrition and turn away from processed junk to a whole foods plant based diet. I later decided to go deeper into the study of yoga in order to be able to share the benefits I had experienced with others. My love and fascination for movement and it’s healing powers has since evolved beyond yoga. I have always had an affinity for writing and find it to be a helpful tool for self reflection, emotional cleansing but also for connecting with others and sharing ideas. I believe that social networks can be incredibly inspiring, supportive and powerful in bringing about societal and personal changes for individuals, if used consciously and mindfully.


    Through what I share with students, readers and clients, I aim to inspire and help people to develop awareness of their emotions and bodies, to calm their minds and reconnect with their intuition and therefore re-ignite a sense of purpose, curiosity and passion for life and the world we live in.


    Holistic Nutritionist (Paracelsus School), 850 h RYT (Yoga Alliance Accredited)

    Santosha Yoga Institute:
    200h Viniyoga/ Hatha, 50h Pre- and Postnatal + Children’s & Teens Yoga

    Shri Kali Ashram:
    300h Traditional Tantra Yoga

    Radiantly Alive:
    300h Vinyasa Yoga

    Years In Practice

    4 Years

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