Mariah Baretta

    Brooklyn, New York

    • Sound Bath
    • Past Life Regression
    • Soul Retrieval: (Shamanism)
    • Reiki
    • Oracle Card Reading
    • Celestial Reiki Chakra Balancing Session: (hands on healing, sound healing and crystal work)


    I am a spiritual alchemist, and an intellectual and emotional empath. My focus is on bringing to light subconscious belief systems and emotions so they can be transmuted into higher vibrational thoughts and emotions. We all have a course we have set for ourselves, for our life and our experiences, we also all have lessons that we must learn. Our thoughts and emotions dictate our life experiences, our destiny directs our life. If we can tap into our limiting beliefs and emotions and bring those to light we are able to navigate life with joy and love and our lessons become beautiful manifestations of our true selves and less of the harsh realities of our wounded selves that are simply begging for acceptance and release.
    Many times all we need is a clearing and an infusion of high vibration energy to get us back on track and feeling ready to conquer our world, everyone is different. So whatever your situation know that energy healing and oracle readings can adjust your lightbody and perspective as much as is necessary for you at any point in your life.


    My oracle readings help to clarify limiting beliefs and emotions, while celebrating the positive aspects of our source light. The one duality we must all learn to accept is the fact that at our source, we are (all of us) perfect in every possible way, but simultaneously, we also have a ton of work to do! We must tap into this perfection and use it as a tool to do the work we need to do to move forward in life. We must use this understanding of our infinite perfection as a catalyst to create change within and then expand that change out into the world.
    My energy healing is based around the same concept, only now we are dealing with pure energy. I clear dense energy and energetic blocks and infuse the energy body with high vibrational energy, Universal Life Energy, Chi, with Reiki, Sound, and Hands On Healing. This process allows for support with the process of healing stuck emotions and dense thought forms within the aura that can create negative life experiences. It can also simply open and energize your chakras and auric field to get you back to feeling normal after stress, illness, or other life situations.
    My shamanic journey work is (again) the same thing, only this time we are dealing with direct experience with subconscious thoughts and emotions and bringing them to light to then transmuting them into the positive aspect. Through guided visualization I am able to help people confront their shadow in a safe and loving environment and then transmute their subconscious beliefs and stuck emotions. A shamanic journey can also bring us face to face with how truly wonderful we are at our source and show us the power of our own light.
    Sometimes more intensive work is needed due to life situations, illness, re-occuring problems with work, money, relationships, addictions etc.
    This is an interactive commitment that takes persistence, self love, determination, boundaries, acceptance of change, a conquering attitude, and a lot of hard work. But to become truly free, free to be who we are at our source, who we were meant to be, we must learn to stand up, love ourselves, take zero shit, and keep working until we have pulled back all of the layers of fear, abandonment, self-loathing, anger, and pain so that the beauty that exists within feels safe being seen.
    Any real healing and life transformation comes from within, energy healing can be used as a catalyst or support system to your own self-work. But the “self-work” part has to be done by you. Know that you are powerful beyond belief, and that power, love, and wisdom is your truth. Sometimes we just need a little help finding it!


    • International Association of Reiki Professionals


    Initiate of Toltec Shamanism, Reiki Master Teacher

    Years In Practice

    4 Years

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