Maria Soledad

    Madrid, Spain.

    • Evolutive Tarot Readings
    • Theta Healing Meditation
    • Kabbalah Astrology Chart Reading.


    Practitioner of the evolutive tarot of Marsella restored by Alejandro Jodorowsky. 
    Trained by the Jodorowsky's in Metagenealogy, Pshycomagic and Evolutive tarot in the unique and once in a lifetime offered program, now that I did it for myself I can serve with this empowering and revealing tool of wisdom. 
    The purpose: break free from conditioning, patterns and beliefs that we carry on with us from generation before us and all the ones we picked up on our childhoods and became the powerful true you and fulfill your unique and amazing mission. All seasoned by being a Mentor in manifestation meditation working with theta (brainwave) healing to upload new beliefs and manifest from that field of infinite Possibilities.
    My readings are pretty unique,very different from any other reading, as are all of my services: they all work with true self for enlightenment,  fast and effective awakening, to experience NOW the true riches that you deserve, so if you came my way is definitely meant to be and your true self was and is asking you for enlightening. 
    My menu will be sent as soon as you feel the interest so you can choose.


    Metagenealogy, Pshycomagic and Evolutive Tarot: adventures into the unknown for experiencing the long time known true self. 
    First taste. First closer look. 
    Alejandro Jodorowsky's exhaustive work into tapping the colosal estructure that we are all born into, collective consciousness, leaded him into Metagenealogy: a method to recognize, acknowledge, all the conditioning, all the unconscious web that constitutes the clan, the family, the past four generations that are still a huge influence in our lives from where, in a sort of automatic pilot, we understand and perceive our world. 
    As it was conceived, Metagenealogy needs a tool and a practice with which, through experience and identification we can finally break free and move from awareness. 
    The tool: the traditionally French Tarot of Marsella, which Jodorowsky's after restoring it in 1976 joining forces with the heir of the Camoin family who for centuries had printed it, gave it a whole different meaning and called it The Evolutive Tarot of Marsella: we use it as a tool for evolution. Using the archetypes of the arcana, which are imprinted and are part of the collective unconscious, to identify, trace and recognize in a cognitive level, all those hidden patterns and beliefs that are creating the reality we see. Just with the tarot, with the identification the arcana triggers, the unconscious heals into awareness, into awakening to true self. 
    The practice: Pshycomagic. A performative act that, depending on what the tarot shows needs to be integrated and acknowledged , is done to trick the unconscious into "thinking" that we are following certain belief or family pattern, when we are actually healing it and integrating a new more aligned with true self perspective.


    • Practitioner at Minka Brooklyn. Part of the readers of The Alchemist Kitchen and provider of Evolutive Tarot and Metagenealogy workshops, meditations for them as well. Part of the team of the renewbreakupbootcamp


    Alejandro and Cristobal Jodorowsky’s once gave program for Metagenealogy, Evolutive Tarot, Pshycomagic, pshycochamanism, iniciatic massage and belief integration.

    Years In Practice

    4 Years

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