Margaret Rosania

    Lisbon, Portugal

    • Health Coach 
    • Aromatherapy 
    • Astrology 
    • Yoga


    While working in New York as a graphic designer and creative director Margaret discovered the world of Yoga. This path called so strongly to her spirit that she decided to go and explore sacred places of the world so as to deepen her knowledge and her practice. The trip that started as a year long sabbatical ended up transforming itself into a 15 year long adventure that forever changed her life.
    Returning to New York she sold her business and set out to continue learning and applying all the transformational disciplines that called to her. During this journey Margaret immersed herself in the fields of yoga, astrology, aromatherapy, acupuncture, the healing powers of stones and crystals, moxibustion and art therapy.
    Having developed a deep compassion and empathy, and possessing a profound understanding of the body, mind and spirit, Margaret started to apply her knowledge to assist people in their physical, emotional and lifestyle ailments. Using her intuition and her wisdom, she has accompanied and assisted people from all over the world in creating wholesome, balanced and grounded lives.
    In 2010, Margaret found her life partner and soon after started a family. She currently lives in Portugal and dedicates her time to her husband, her son, and her work.


    Balanced on three pillars: self education, self care and self expression, siendo offers a path to awaken awareness and ignite inner growth. Margaret’s intuition, wisdom and guidance will accompany you as you design a blueprint to construct a balanced life, grounded in the the sum of present moments.
    We wholly embrace this journey with you. Each individualized process blends a variety of transformational tools. Depending on your life situation and your personal goals you will be guided to chose from an array of skillful professionals, a variety of therapies, tailor made experiences and a holistic products, all selected with YOU in mind.


    • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC) credential


    Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York - Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, KPJAYI, Mysore - Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, New York Institute Of Aromatic Studies, New York - Aromatherapist

    Years In Practice

    15 years

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