Mardi Miskit

    Brooklyn, New York, United States.

    • Reiki and Private Chef Services


    Cooking and reiki are my happy places. They're also two of the greatest tools that have helped me get to know myself and connect with others in ways I never expected.
    Reiki: I like to say that reiki found me. It found me over and over again until I finally decided to pursue my path as an energy worker. In 2016 I began my reiki training with Joanna Crespo at New York Open Center. It broke me down and opened me up in ways I never imagined. I got lost along the way, learned big, unexpected things about myself, and shared the most beautiful space with such incredible people. In 2018 I completed my reiki master training with overwhelming love and appreciation. Never have I been filled with so much gratitude for a community, a teacher, those who have helped lead me towards this path, and those who have supported and encouraged me along this journey. It's all part of why I want to share this gift with others.
    Cooking: I inherited my zest for cooking at a young age from my mother, a former professional chef and caterer in NYC and my favorite culinary teacher. But it wasn't until I was older that I truly began to realize how connected to cooking I've always been. And in exploring this I began to appreciate the way food can heal and bring people together. My creativity comes to life when developing and conceptualizing health-supportive, plant-based recipes and menus. I love teaching people the basics of cooking and helping people tune into how what they eat makes them feel.


    I won't pretend to have it all figured out and I don't believe any of us ever do have all the answers. But that's the exciting part about this journey—all the new discoveries and the people who help you uncover them.
    Through my education and personal experiences, I've developed one really big philosophy: listen to your body. Mine craves plants but sometimes wants a burger, medium-rare with all the cheese and things and a glass of good whisk(e)y over conversation and laughter with my favorite people. While plant-based food makes me feel great, I find pure joy in the occasional food indulgence and I love nights with friends filled with fully belly laughs. Moments like that are just as big a part of my self-care as mornings spent meditating. I believe even if we eat the best foods for our particular body, if we don't check in with and care for our physical, mental and emotional states, everything will feel off. That's where cooking and reiki meet for me. They're beautiful ways to nurture ourselves and others.
    If reiki has taught me one thing, it's the importance of being kind to ourselves. i.e. not finding guilt in eating a really great burger alongside a glass of whiskey, but rather honoring my decision in that moment and enjoying every second of it. I wish for sessions with my clients to always be a reminder of the importance of being kind to ourselves. And just by showing up, you're already practicing this most important part of self-care. Reiki is a difference experience for everyone, but at its core, it's a beautiful way to slow down and take time to care for yourself.


    Completed my Reiki Master training with Joanna Crespo at New York Open Center in 2018
    Completed a one-on-one intuitive mentorship program with the amazing Robyn Hessinger of Inspired Guidance in 2018
    Graduated from The Natural Gourmet Institute with a certificate in Culinary Arts and Nutritional Healing in 2014
    Hosted an internationally recognized supper club from 2010-2013, and over the past 5 years have worked as a cook in a restaurant and as a private chef and caterer
    8 years of experience in marketing

    Years In Practice

    Reiki: 2 , Cooking: 8

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