Manu Van Poppel

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Ayahuasca ceremonies


    The most important thing I want you to know is that ‘I create who I am’. What I am is a grounded, passionate and happy man. With this positive energy I create an atmosphere which makes it easy for an Ayahuasca traveller to feel comfortable and secure. Of course I also own the necessary knowledge and experience about which you can read more below, but in my humble opinion a qualified coach first and foremost is one who controls his own life’s experience. 
    As a child I aspired to become an archeologist when I grew up. Digging up deeply hidden treasures from the ground, bringing to light that which had been hidden for centuries or longer under layers of soil and stones. Now, many years later, in essence I still have that same motivation: shining Light on that which is ‘true’. This has led to a long quest for the nature of ‘truth’ and the laws of the universe which make our light shine. 
    After my Business and Psychology studies I worked as social worker for some time. Although it taught me a lot, the approach of certain problems within the Dutch counseling profession did not match with my personal thoughts and beliefs. I then made the transition to the theatre world especially those projects that formed a bridge to culture and social equanimity. It was also in this period that I began to study a diversity of ‘alternative’ sciences, from astrology to Reiki, from chakra psychology to all kinds of yoga and meditation. Also, I gained much experience in the transformative power of entheogens (consciousness expanding substances) like Ayahuasca. 
    After I became critically ill a few years ago, followed by a successful kidney transplant, I decided it was high time to truly follow my own bliss. Through Ayahuasca experiences (amongst others) I gained a clear insight in my own unique strength and quality.* By staying tuned to my inner compass on every level of my life things unfold naturally. Through this understanding a seemingly dramatical phase of my life turned into one of great value and importance. 
    * People with health issues are also invited to sign up for an Ayahuasca experience. Your situation (especially medication) will be evaluated by a classically trained doctor. His advice is binding! In my case my personal situation was also first screened by the same doctor I now work with.


    Ayahuasca is an effective means to nourish our inner light. It strengthens the connection with our inner compass which in turn makes us more effective in reaching our life’s goals. 
    We are all born with a crystal clear inner compass. This guidance system will lead us to where we are driven by our soul’s mission or life’s experiences. Over the course of the years however many of us, by negative conditioning of upbringing, education and society, will lose connection with this inner light. There are ways to fuel this light so our life will become more fulfilling. Ayahuasca is one of those means. 
    We can never become completely disconnected from our inner light, higher Self, or however you choose to call it. We will always stay connected to the bigger picture, the ‘all that is’ from which we form a part. Our essence is pure positive energy, which is the true energy to give meaning to our existence. To speak in the words of Abraham Hicks, one of my greatest sources of inspiration: JOY IS THE KEY! 
    The laws of the Universe are simple, so simple that they are almost incomprehensible to us human beings. After decades of trial and error I have gained a pretty good insight about the force of our inner light. The result is a life in which I am at the steering wheel and give direction to where I choose to go. This makes me an overall happy person, something I wish for everyone.


    BBA (bachelor of business Administration), Nyenrode University, MSc Psychology, University of Utrecht

    Years In Practice

    5 years

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