Lucia Agnese

    Lisbon, Portugal

    • Yoga Teacher


    Lucia is a yoga teacher who is originally from Hackney, London but now lives and works in Lisbon. She first tried yoga at the age of 15 at a friends mums studio in London and it wasn’t until attending university a few years later she began a regular and committed practice.
    Lucia has attended classes, retreats and training around the world in London, New York, Sri Lanka, Italy, Portugal and France. She completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2017 and will begin her 300 hour YTT in 2019 in Holland.
    Lucia has suffered from anxiety for many years which in the past has lead to some scary moments in hospital and on medication. This was triggered by a rather traumatic experience as a teenager. A regular practice of yoga has helped Lucia alleviate many of her symptoms and to live life fully rather than in the shadow of this illness.
    She currently lives and teaches in Lisbon but in Summer 2018 Lucia will move to Amsterdam to study physiotherapy. In Lisbon, she teaches open level public classes, private classes to those wishing to work with a particular injury and she has also taught the US marine squad at the NATO base in Portugal.
    Lucia speaks English, Italian, French basic Portuguese and is now learning Dutch.


    Lucias classes are based in the Vinyasa tradition, while her teaching style is gentle and compassionate. Most recently, Lucia has been practicing Sivananda yoga and she draws from this knowledge to design her classes.
    The focus on pranayama (breathing) in Sivananda is what Lucia believes to be a very powerful medicine and a necessary tool for life. Lucia is interested in how yoga and focused pranayama breathing exercises can help particular issues of post traumatic stress, anxiety or trauma related difficulties and hopes to teach and work in this field in the future. When not teaching yoga, Lucia runs a small online business, dances samba and surfs (badly).


    Sociology and French BA, YTT200 Yoga Alliance Certified, Yoga Teacher Training Sports First Aid

    Years In Practice

    15 Years.

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