Lindsay Davis

    Montréal, Canada

    • One on One Coaching
    • Clarity Sessions
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    Born & raised on the coastal southern shores of Canada, I've always had a deep love for
    1 - the beauty of our natural surroundings
    2 - connecting with the people that live in them
    A beachcomber at heart, I left the ocean to make a new home inland in the neighbouring city of Montreal, Quebec. Moving to a province that possessed such pride for it’s local agriculture, really sparked something in me. So I decided to open Montreal's first local focused urban general store. We carried everything from organic seasonal produce, farm raised meats and locally crafted cheeses, beer & wine. The pride of production went way beyond food in this province so we took it a step further and supported local producers and artists. We carried everything from handmade jewellery, skin care, baby wear and care and recycled kids wear, to name a few. Eventually it grew into a community hub where people would come to meet a friend for lunch (oh yea we did that too) and enjoy a glass of wine on the back terrace, then do some grocery shopping or pick up a gift. It was a passion project / love affair full of all things local, lovely and healthy. In total I had four wonderful years with this venture. Having established an amazing community full of rich conversation with a strong focus on health and wellness, it was only natural that my next steps would be in pursuit of health and helping others on a more personal level, so health coaching was a perfect fit. 
    I've been helping people on their healing journey’s for the better part of two years now. I focus on developing personalized protocols around digestive health, whole body healing and root resolution to persistent problems.


    I am a Wellness & Clarity Coach who specializes in whole body healing. 
    I do this by really looking at an individual's needs. We are all so unique in our make-up, from our genes to our bacterial ecosystems, our tendencies, lifestyle choices, likes and dislikes, are all a part of who we are. 
    Every human body is different in it's chemical makeup and it's soul path. My focus is about discovering how all these unique traits play into someone's success and struggles when it comes to their health. 
    When we truly begin to tune into ourselves we create an awareness and an understanding of exactly what our body needs to come into balance and heal. 
    I explore this individuality by addressing food, lifestyle choices and emotional awareness, to then personalize a soul protocol based on their body’s needs.


    Clinical Mastery of Digestion for practitioners with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo - Autoimmune, endocrinology, digestive disorders, Holistic Nutrition Lab - Reframe Nutrition - Functional Nutrition Therapy, Replenish PDX - Digestive Intensive - Root Causes of Digestive Distress, Institute of Integrative Nutrition - Health Coaching Certification

    Years In Practice

    2.5 Years

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