Linda Villines

    Los Angeles, California, United States.

    • Intuitive wellness coaching
      Grief coaching
    • Ayurveda counseling
    • Tarot guidance
    • Medical intuitive readings


    Linda Villines is an Intuitive Wellness and Grief Coach, a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a Certified Ayurveda Counselor. She is also a lifelong artist who combines her creative sensibility with her passion and talent for the healing arts.
    Linda uses her intuitive and metaphysical abilities to creatively bridge the gap between Spirit and Earth as well as the ancient and modern holistic healing arts to help people pave their path towards ultimate health, happiness, and peace. She spent the majority of her life under the weight of chronic dis-ease. Then, two months after she married her late husband, he was diagnosed with late-stage cancer. Linda became his caretaker, and health and wellness became the center of her life.
    After decades of struggling with various diseases and years trying to overcome them, she was finally able to heal herself - by herself - at the end of her husband’s battle with cancer. Shortly after he passed, Linda was blessed with a spiritual awakening that allows her to connect with the universal support and Love we all have surrounding us. She combines this talent with her formal education and depth of experience to facilitate a unique and fully-integrated healing experience. She lives in Los Angeles, but her office is virtual and she is able to work with anyone in the United States.


    I have lived through sickness, death, and grief and what i have learned is no matter how ill or exhausted you are - love, light, and hope will always carry you out of darkness.


    Certified holistic health coach / institute for integrative nutrition
    Certified ayurveda counselor / kerala ayurveda academy

    Years In Practice

    1 Year.

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