Lauren Holmes

    London, United Kingdom

    • Kundalini Yoga teacher
    • Theta Healer
    • Story-telling
    • Content Strategy
    • Conscious Hospitality Consulting


    Lauren Holmes is a Story-teller, Kundalini yoga teacher, Theta Healer and all-round warrior of light. After graduating in Modern languages from Oxford, she spent the best part of her 20s travelling the world as a luxury travel journalist and hospitality consultant, launching new hotels and restaurants and running events while writing for the likes of Conde Nast Traveller and Monocle. In recent years, her journey has evolved from traversing the globe to travelling inside to explore her inner workings and evolution, training as a Kundalini yoga teacher and Theta healer, both incredibly powerful tools for transformation. She now combines her time teaching yoga and offering transformational coaching sessions using theta healing with writing. She is currently in the process of launching a new online magazine to bring to light current trends and the cross-section between travel, wellness and spirituality, with a particular focus on the awakening of the divine feminine. Lauren also edits a number of online magazines, creating content for both conscious and more commercially driven brands. 


    We are here to walk our path of dharma, and to pass on the truth of our experiences and discoveries. Only when we delve through the depths of the mud and emerge into the light, can we, in turn, light the way for others. When I work with students and clients, my approach is to create a safe space for them to go deeper into themselves and uncover their hidden depths and desires, working through the subconscious bonds that repeatedly hold them back or trip them up. I am truly passionate about helping others find their path in life and discovering the deep happiness that they deserve exists in every moment, every day. I believe we are all energetic beings who have the ability to alter our reality, clear the subconscious, break old patterns and emerge to be the people we truly long to be. As we become more conscious in ourselves, so we become more conscious of our impact on the planet and Mother Earth at this crucial time of discord and environmental disruption. My role is as a bridge, to shed light on the people, places and practices that can inspire change and transformation during this time.


    Kundalini KY Teacher Training Level 1, Theta Healer Advanced Practitioner, Reiki Level 1, BA and Masters of the Arts - Oxford University

    Years In Practice

    Kundalini Yoga and Theta healing 1 year

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