Lauren Haimelin Carter

    Manhattan, New York, USA

    • Shamanic Energy Healing
    • Distance Healing Worldwide
    • Space Clearing
    • Fine Art/Healing/Meditative Sessions


    Lauren has always been a healer, fine artist and a leader. She grew up in a Finnish neighborhood in Fishkill, NY, where community, family and nature were paramount. Her connection to the three have encouraged her in her practice and have given her a solid foundation to work from.
    Her Irish, German and Finnish heritage have deep ties to shamanic practice which she has embraced in her life and work as a Shaman, Fine Artist and Educator. After graduating from SUNY New Paltz with her BS in Art Education and Spanish Language and studying abroad in Spain, she came home to realize she was struggling with anxiety.
    Through this struggle she was called to the Q'ero Peruvian tradition of Shamanism. Through shamanic energy healing, exercise and practicing fine art she manages the anxiety with no medical intervention. After 14 years in practice, she now specializes in stress management, anxiety, and shifting very deep patterns and trauma to allow clients to come to a place of connection and wholeness.
    Lauren also earned her MA in Special Education in 2008 and works with children, babies, mothers pre and post-partum, and groups. She loves the deep and gentle work of Shamanic Healing and combined with meditative art practices she has developed workshops and techniques that help allow clients in all states of health and of all ages to find the best within so they can learn to manifest their highest and greatest good.
    Lauren is honored to have the vocations of artist and healer, and feels so grateful for the work she does with all her clients!


    We are human, and we are miracles! What if we could hold space for ourselves as whole, healed and fully alive beings? Sometimes it really can be that simple. From the perspective of love and light, we are all healers and we all have our own ability to connect to our source to heal ourselves. Sometimes it is harder than it should be and you need a helping hand. That is where I come in...I facilitate the depth of transformation that can allow you to fully activate your potential as a whole, living being. I help you shift through dark and dense moments to come to a place of clarity, connection to your soul and to the wondrous being that you truly are, just simply by being alive to witness yourself. Whether the energetic imprints that hold you back are recent or ancient, from this lifetime or another, I can help spark the magic within you that helps you to find relief from the stressors and pressures of everyday life.


    M.A. Special Education Medicine, Wheel/Shamanic Training with Rising Fire, Healing Arts B.S., Art Education & Spanish Language

    Years In Practice

    14 Years

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