Laura Gevanter

    Sag Harbor, New York

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    Laura Gevanter is a law of attraction coach, a global consciousness educator, blog talk radio host, retreat leader and the founder/creator of the alchemy café: creating conscious conversation. as a former self-help junkie she believes the path to a more fulfilling life is not fixing what is “wrong” with us, but expanding our consciousness to the world around us and all the ways we are interconnected.

    As host of the blog talk radio show, life in the present tense, she has conducted over 150 interviews with experts in all areas of holistic well being,, consciousness education and improving the quality of life. Many guests on her show are NY times best-selling authors such as dr. Bruce Lipton, dr. Joe Dispenza, Donna Gates and Eldon Taylor. it is a passion of hers to find people on the leading edge to discuss their expertise and knowledge and then share them with her audience.
    To have an impact on the lives of others and help them gain clarity is what Laura always thought was her life purpose.

    Laura has a psychology degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and life coaching certification from the institute for professional excellence in coaching in New York City.


    Using the law of attraction as the foundation for my coaching, as well as in my workshops and retreats, I teach people about the power of being conscious in their daily lives. I believe when one is conscious, they are more present and life becomes richer, more fulfilling and has more meaning. In my coaching, I teach my clients to become aware of their emotions throughout the day and/or in relation to specific thoughts as a barometer to where they are putting their energy, attention and focus. This is the first step in becoming more conscious. Once they understand the concept of thoughts having energy and thus dictating what they are a vibrational match to, they then can begin to become deliberate creators as opposed to creating by default. We uncover what beliefs they have about a area in their life that may be getting in the way of what they desire. This process is extremely effective and clients see results in a short period of time.


    Certified Professional Life Coach from IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching)

    Psychology degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst

    Years In Practice

    11 years

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