Kristine Reese

    San Diego, CA, United States.

    • Naturopathic Primary Care
    • IV Nutrient Infusions
    • Detox
    • Bio-Identical Hormones
    • Integrative Oncology


    Dr. Reese brings over 25 years of experience in partnering with people on their healing journeys. Dr. Reese earned her medical degree from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, and is licensed in the states of California and Washington. In the last 10 years she has completed comprehensive additional training in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, IV Nutrition, Chelation, Oncology, and Optimal Aging.

    Dr. Reese founded LotusRain Naturopathic Clinic over 14 years ago creating an environment where the patient feels confident knowing they have found a partner committed to their optimal health. While Dr. Reese is an expert in integrative oncology, the LotusRain team offers a broad spectrum of services including primary care, nutritional IVs, diet and nutritional counseling, hormone balancing, detoxification, chelation, homeopathy, integrative oncology and infrared sauna.

    Dr. Reese’s passion and commitment for healing has taken her to multiple countries around the world. She worked extensively with HIV orphans in Nairobi, Kenya and East Africa. Prior to medical school, Dr. Reese worked as a counselor and educator, developing and managing progressive programs for at-risk youth and their families. Dr. Reese is frequently a guest on national and local radio health & wellness programs and she provides educational lectures to businesses, colleagues, and community groups.

    At LotusRain we provide Naturopathic medical care and other integrated services in a positive, light-filled space. We encourage our clients to be an active partner in achieving their optimal health. At LotusRain we offer a range of treatment options: including primary care, integrative oncology, detoxification/weight loss programs, IV therapy, and infrared sauna. We are located in San Diego near Balboa and Genesee in Clairemont, with easy access from multiple freeways and an abundance of parking. Our clinic is highly accessible including 3 ADA restrooms and concrete flooring. When you join us in your pursuit of optimal health, you will experience a dedicated, professional, and knowledgeable approach to your personal goals.


    Dr. Reese combines compassion and great healing instincts with a strong knowledge of the biological processes to bring a unique approach to achieving optimal health. Dr. Reese is able to ascertain the root causes underlying her patient’s symptoms and effectively devise a personalized treatment plan tailored to the patient’s needs. Dr. Reese views the journey with her patients as a partnership, based on mutual trust and respect.


    • Rotary International
    • GSDBA


    Naturopathic Doctorate - Bastyr University 2004

    Years In Practice

    14 Years

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