Kira Saundra

    New York, New York, USA.

    • Curator of the Panther Process: multi modality full sensory journey into Shadow
    • Shamanic Breathwork
    • Yoga with a specialty in Yin/Fascia release
    • Advanced THETA,
    • Evolutionary Astrology
    • Somatic Therapies
    • Jungian-based Psychological Coaching
    • Reiki


    Shadow Worker by birthright, Kira creates a space for metamorphosis. She is honored in service by the invitation to co-create profound moments of change in others. Empath, confidante, provocateur, emotional archaeologist - Kira invokes an expanded consciousness to empower change in each unique individual. She guides an excavation to the core issues of the Soul enabling powerful transformations, liberation, and integration of the fragments of self enabling the
    step forward into holistic presence.
    Kira is a certified advanced-level Theta Healing practitioner and has been trained for over a decade in the school of Evolutionary Astrology. Kira has been implementing and studying Process Oriented and Jungian Psychology since 2009. She is certified practitioner of BreathLight Shamanic activations, a Yoga Alliance certified teacher specializing in Yin Yoga, a student of Anodea Judith's Sacred Centers, and Reiki trained in her home of New York City. Kira carries a wide variety of world medicine from many traditions, including the ancient art of essential oil alchemy, Mudra, and Tarot. 
    During the course of her own metamorphosis, the Panther slinked into Kira's realms of reality to not only awaken, but to initiate her as part of the tribe. She has walked this path, and welcomes you.


    • Yoga Alliance
    • Sacred Centers
    • Evolutionary Astrology Network
    • ThetaHealers┬«


    Certified BreathLight, Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher, Trained in various energetics from 5 continents, Reiki Trained, Dr. Anodea Judith / Sacred Centers (select certification), Evolutionary Astrology Network Affiliate

    Years In Practice

    4 Years - Full Time

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