Kimma Stark

    Cascais, Portugal.

    • Yoga
    • Thai Massage


    I love teaching Yoga. It is the first job in my life that is the most rewarding, challenging, and meaningful work I have ever done. In a world where everyone seems to be a Yoga teacher now, I am unique because this is my only profession and not a side job or a hobby.
    I have been "all in" since I took the leap of faith back in 2008 and my career as a professional teacher has been an adventure ever since. Before becoming a teacher I had a practice that started back in 2000 with Hot Yoga and then eventually on to more traditional formats when I discovered that there was more to Yoga than just sweat. My teaching style comes from my heart and is grounded on the teachings of Yoga philosophy and anatomy and physiology.
    I teach public and private classes in English to all levels of students with the goal of meeting their needs in the present moment.   My classes range from gentle and relaxing to challenging and invigorating for all ages and all stages of experience.
    I teach what I love; Gentle Flow Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Prenatal, and Kids Yoga classes that are for every-body. I'm always training and practicing to continually improve the classes.


    Yoga for all.


    200hr Frog Lotus Yoga, 300hr Lotus Yoga, Triaxial Yoga-yoga Life Society, Restorative Yoga-Melissa Smith Yoga, Thai Massage: Triple Gem, Chiamg Mai Medicine Hospital, Loi Kroh Massage School, Thai Massage: Triple Gem, SEA Therapy, Hadali Massage, Jack Chai Lek Massage School.

    Years In Practice

    9 Years.

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