Kevin Routh

    Irvine, California, USA

    • Harmonix Release Therapy


    I am from a small farm town in Iowa. I simply love assisting people on their life journey. Being of assistance comes so easily to me, it's effortless, so I surrendered and now I am full time offering services!
    I have dedicated this life to restoring the innate healing faculties of the human, body, mind and spirit.I do this through the ancient sciences of Nishpatti Yoga, Neural Muscular Release Therapy, Harmonix Release Therapy and advanced forms of detoxing and nutrition.
    I am 1 of 20 Neural Muscular Release therapists in the world and the first ever licensed and the only Quantum Harmonix operator in the World.
    I have been teaching energy healing techniques since 2012, teaching and practicing Nishpatti Yoga since 2013 and has treated over 2,000 clients with NMRT since early 2016. I have been assisting individuals with reversing and eliminating abnormal cell growth and other chronic diseases and ailments since late 2014.


    The Human body is a video camera. Always recording. Has recorded every second of your life. Stores everything in neural chemicals. There is literally neural chemical residue in your body from every experience you have ever had. Body is not designed to hold onto all the memory/experience/trauma.
    The nervous system becomes sluggish and is hindered from optimal functionality. The nervous system is the major healing faculty of the body. When nervous system is not functioning optimally, the rest of the bodies system are also not functioning optimally.
    HRT is the science and art of releasing this memory/trauma from the nervous system and deep tissues alongside the utilization of Quantum Harmonix 432hz sounds that are specifically designed for NMRT treatments. The Release is instant. The release optimizes the nervous system allowing it to perform it's functions optimally therefore the rest of the body become optimal in it's functionality.Your body is designed to be touched on a regular basis - actually massaged. That stimulation is designed to break up the proteins, toxins, and neural chemicals that accumulate through the years of living and operating the human body.
    When the body does not get touched enough it collects a neural chemical residue over time and holds ties to the subconscious and conscious mind. Our body becomes chemically weighted down by our past, and because it's gradual, we become desensitized to it. In short, the body stores the past, chemically, and it effects the present (life's gift) which ultimately effects our future.
    This also creates detrimental effects on the nervous system via the Vagus Nerve. The Vagus Nerve is a most fascinating intersection, not only between our two physical nervous systems (central & autonomic) but also between our conscious and subconscious minds.
    As such, it also acts as a bridge between our gross bodies and our subtle bodies. 99% of the population have never heard of nor even have a clue where it is located. Yet the Vagus Nerve may be the single most relevant organ in our body relative to out peace of mind, health and happiness.
    Research indicates that a healthy Vagus Nerve is vital in experiencing empathy and fostering social bonding. The Vagus Nerve is crucial to our ability to observe, perceive, and make complex decisions. Tests have revealed that people with impaired Vagal activity have also been diagnosed with depression, panic disorders, PTSD, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, violent mood swings, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity and alzheimers.
    Given the state of society today and the vast array of dis-eases associated with unhealthy Vagus Nerves, it doesn't take a medical doctor to conclude that by healing our collective Vagus Nerves, we can heal a lot of our societies woes.


    Neural Muscular Release Therapy Apprenticeship Program, Quantum Harmonix Training Program

    Years In Practice

    3 Years

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