Kevin Isaac

    Tustin, California, United States.

    • Human Optimization Technique (H.O.T.)
    • Colon Optimization Technique (C.O.T.)


    I wish you well!
    My name is Kevin Isaac.

    I am the creator and main facilitator of Human Optimization Technique(H.O.T.), Colon Optimization Technique(C.O.T), Kid Optimization Technique(K.O.T), Dog Optimization Technique(D.O.T) and CEO of KiWholistics.
    I have treated well over 3,200 bodies with H.O.T since the beginning of 2016

    I have trained with professionals for the last 10 years in many fields such as:

    • Chiropractics
    • Acupuncture
    • Energy Healing
    • Nutriton Therapy
    • Detox Therapy
    • Massage Therapy
    • Active Release Therapy
    • Neuro Muscular Release
    • Vibrational Healing
    • Music Therapy
    • Reiki
    • Ice Therapy
    • Yoga Therapy
    • Fitness Therapy
    • Neuro Linguistic Programing

    I am dedicated, passionate and honored to assist with the creation of world that is kind, unconditional loving, humble and passionate.

    A world that is trauma informed.

    A world that is able to witness the darkness and the light that is within us without judgment, without shame and able to be present with whatever occurs in the moment.

    I am here on this planet to be a space holder, a facilitator one who is here to support humanity with gaining access to the unlimited potential that is within our nervous systems and when we do, we will live in a world of artists.

    My journey started in high school when I was 18.

    I was a high performance athlete and wanting to optimize myself to better my performance.

    I started on this path of self discovery.

    I started with mindset then nutrition then organically the spiritual aspect started.

    I haven't stepped foot off the path once and here I am 11 years later assisting individuals with becoming the most optimized humans possible.

    I am not a healer, I can not heal you.

    You can only heal yourself.

    The faculty that is responsible for all healing is the electric intelligence of your nervous system.

    I am here to assist you with activating and optimizing the electric intelligent faculty that is inside of your nervous system.

    Welcome to my world!
    Blessed Love!


    I utilize two philosophies.

    The primary philosophy is that your mind and body are designed to heal themselves. It's not just healing though, it's entire mental, emotional and mental healing, restructuring and optimization.

    What I mean by restructuing is that your body can reposition itself automatically by put the bones, ligaments, muscles and nerves back into their proper position. The body is designed to do this. Also the mind is designed to let go of limiting belief systems, let go of the cyclic thought patterns that are keeping one locked into limitation. That is what I mean by restructuring.

    What I mean by optimization is that the human being is designed to effortlessly and endlessly evolve into something greater. it is designed to be a rather effortless happening. Yet so many humans are stuck and unable to evolve. Optimization literally means, greater intellectual and emotional IQ, grander physical strength, literally being able to lift more weights, run faster and longer, more agile, more flexible, more dexterity, greater reflexes and unlimited, automatic healing on all levels. That is what I mean by optimization. Being the most optimal human possible.

    Every human is born with the innate faculties that are responsible for all this healing, restructuring and optimization. We all have it. It is within the nervous system. This faculty is the electricity that is flowing through your nervous system, that is animating your entire human experience. I call it The Electric Intelligence. Have you ever hit your funny bone before and get that big electric shock go down your arm and into your hand? That is the electric intelligence, it heals everything, it restructures everything and it optimizes everything.

    The secondary philosophy I utilize is that there are three roots to every ailment.

    Every single ailment, no matter what it is, has these three roots.

    Ailments with the eyes, toes, ears, nose, bones, cancer, MS, Parkinson’s, depression, limiting beliefs, fears, anxiety, lack of motivation/inspiration, lack of energy, EVERYTHING!

    1. Neural Chemistry
    An over accumulation of neural chemistry (memory/trauma) inside the nerves, muscles and knots of the body that keep an individual locked into cyclic patterns of emotional/physical pain, limiting beliefs, perceptions etc.

    2. Colon Impaction
    An over accumulation of fecal matter, toxins, gas, acid and mucoid plaque inside the colon. Literally poop that is not evacuated. Yes we all have it no matter how much you think you don’t.

    3. Nutrient Deficiency & Toxin Accumulation
    Essentially not getting the proper amounts, the daily value of nutrition that is vital for all mental and physical processes. Also an over accumulation of environmental toxins that are plugging up the channels of detox.

    The Experience I offer addresses these three roots all at the same time.

    How can KiWholistics assist?

    Human Optimization Technique Treatment addressing the first root to all ailments.(H.O.T.)

    H.O.T. is a very unique and hands on intensive experience that last eight to ten hours over 2 back-to-back days, draining the accumulated neural chemistry (memory/trauma) from all systems of the body, specifically the nervous system (with powerful emphasis on the vagus nerve) which re-wires the brains neural synapse while releasing pain, limiting beliefs, optimizes physical, emotional and mental health and perceptions and so much more.

    Through a process called Neural Mapping Kevin Isaac applies the Human Optimization Technique on individuals by utilizing his fingers, hands, forearms and elbows. This application is done in a very unique and one of a kind way which palpates all of the physiological and psychological faculties with specific emphasis on the nervous system (particularly the Vagus Nerve) over a two day back-to-back experience. Each day is roughly four to five hours long for a total of eight to ten hours.

    The muscles, fascial layers, ligaments, joints, bones, glandular system, lymphatic system, adrenal system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system and the nervous system all gets palpated at the same time.

    When the body is palpated in the manner, the electric intelligence that is animating your entire human experience is activated and optimized to a degree in which you get to experience lightning flowing through your body, you get to have this tactile experience of the electricity.

    When the electricity is activated, there is a protocol that is initiated. I call this protocol, the drainage protocol. It is responsible for draining out the accumulated neural chemistry (memory, trauma) out of the body. The neural chemistry gets flooded into the lymphatic system, gets drained into the blood, filtered through the kidneys and is then urinated out. Most of the individuals coming for treatment are going to the bathroom a lot through the experience.

    The benefits of the treatment are instant. You will instantly feel a difference. You will feel lighter, more mobile and free of pain.

    Colon Optimization Technique address the second root to all aliments. C.O.T.

    Human Optimization Technique + Colon Hydrotherapy C.O.T is a unique and very precise hands on palpation of the colon while receiving colon hydrotherapy.

    This immediately breaks up and floods out the accumulated & impacted fecal matter, gas, toxins, mucoid plaque and triggers peristalsis (internal detox), while also hydrating your entire body.

    A very thorough yet gentle and customized detox nutrition program address the third root cause of all ailments.

    You will be provided with a thorough, gently, and advanced detox & nutrition program that utilizes all organic, vegan, specifically sourced and lab tested and verified superfoods, superherbs and incredible supplements. This will ensure the detox channels are fully flushed and you have all the nutrients your body requires.

    I provide what is called The Experience

    This is a three week experience where we do three H.O.T. & three C.O.T. treatments all while doing the detox and nutrition program.

    I am not a healer.

    You are your own healer.

    I am here to provide a safe space for you to activate and optimize the inner physician that is responsible for all healing.

    It just so happens that the techniques I created and utilize provide instant optimization to the innate, internal healing faculties.


    Ordained minister, Reiki 1, Neuro muscular release training

    Years In Practice

    4 Years

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