Kelley Hoag

    New York, New York, USA.

    • Behavioral health coaching


    Kelley is the founder of Root to Rise and a behavioral health coach based out of New York. Kelley received her Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Northeastern University and is currently working towards certification as a Integrative Health Coach through IIN.


    Root to Rise is an intuitive and holistic approach to health and wellness. To rise into better habits and better health, we must root into intuition, awareness, and motivation. Root to Rise combines principles of nutrition and mindfulness to help you achieve sustainable wellness.
    Root to Rise was founded with the mission to forge individualized paths to a healthier, happier life for those who seek it. No matter your goals or your challenges, Root to Rise will craft an individualized plan of action based on both Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Integrative Nutrition, taking your unique circumstances into consideration. 
    No diets, no deprivation, no fads.
    ABA is an evidence-based approach to understanding socially significant behaviors with the goal of bringing about meaningful and positive change to habits and behaviors through motivation and reinforcement. Integrative Nutrition is a multi-faceted and all-encompassing evolution in health, involving not only what you eat, but your relationships, physical activity, spiritual practices and career fulfillment.
    Root to Rise finds the harmony between the scientific approach of ABA and a holistic, intuitive path to health by encouraging and reinforcing habits that allow the roots of change to take hold and improve overall well-being.


    MS in Behavior Analysis- Northeastern university, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach- IIN (currently enrolled)

    Years In Practice

    Behavioral therapy - 7 years
    Health coaching - 3 months

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