Kathy Hall

    Naples, Florida, USA.

    • Frequency Adjuster
    • Medical Intuitive
    • IBMS Coach
    • Teacher
    • LMTRolfer


    I act as a guide to help you move through physical or emotional stuck points in your life. I do this with humor, love and ease to allow you to feel comfortable, safe and free to let go and enjoy your life.
    I have learned from some of the best, including Doreen Virtue, Barbara Brennen and many other healers in Europe and the U.S.
    I have traveled to Europe for training and teaching as well as here in the U.S.
    I currently live in Florida where I have a private practice and am available for healing lectures and teaching classes.
    I recently finished my first book, "The Pocket Guide to Presence", which is currently published as an E-book. If you would like a copy please click on the link above.
    I am a very caring, warm sensitive person with a really big heart, who is there to nurture you and guide you back to who you really are.
    I have been able to see and understand the energy bodies of people since early childhood. Having had to keep my senses alert, I found that seeing Aura's and the more subtle energies around and within a person came very natural to me.
    I began my healing work with traditional Massage and soon moved very quickly into the more subtle healing energy work. 
    In 1996 I became aware that I could do automatic writing, Through this guidance I was lead to study at the Arthur Findlay college in Stansted England, there I further trained in Energy healing and was lead to Florida.
    I further studied with Barbara Brennen, Doreen Virtue and many other healers and teachers along the way. My most recent was learning the Esoteric Healing. 
    I had many profound experiences where I found I was able to look inside a person and see where there were energies stuck that were causing physical and or emotional problems within that person, and then through energy healing techniques, I am able to shine a light on these blocks and help the person to restore themselves back to a place of balance and health.
    I have a very natural ability to feel, see, hear things about a person and with this information I am able to help them better understand who they are and how to help them have a better experience in life.
    I have had the experience of helping 1000's of people become the most Authentic You they could be. My understanding of the physical anatomy, having been a licensed massage for over 25yrs and energy healing ability of almost 25yrs, combined, allows me a very unique ability to start at either the physical or emotional level of the stuck place in a person.
    This with my medical intuitive abilities allows me to help a person remove most blocks to the life they truly desire. On a purely physical level I have experienced people, moving better, sleeping better, loosing weight and just plain youth-ing On an emotional level I have experienced people releasing depression, anxiety and many other blocks to be able to experience life in a truly wonderful way. I have seen people be able to finally have loving relationships, happy careers and abundant lives.


    I believe we all have the same abilities and only need to be awakened to how we are blocking this.
    I have been asked a lot what I do as a Frequency Adjuster and Energy Healer and what a Frequency Adjustment is and what exactly “I” do with this energy work. I wanted to tell you all in just a few words what I do.
    I “Heal the past”, and AWAKEN YOUR SOUL CONNECTION to the “Authentic YOU” that is what I do.
    How is this done?
    Well as an energy healer, I maintain a certain frequency and move with you in the energy that you are in, (that being the emotions you are feeling), match that frequency and make it bigger.
    What this feels like to you is a greater awareness of what you are currently feeling. Than I walk you through a journey to your heart, where we together explore what is in there.
    I maintain the frequency that will keep opening, bringing you present. This allows for you to experience the emotions that were left because of this event as an observer, not feeling it is YOU and exactly how they are playing out in your current life’s experience.
    When you are in the frequency of this experience, it is as if you are actually there, not like remembering it but really living the experience, but this time you become the observer of the experience . All this happens really fast.
    When you are able to observe your past experiences from this viewpoint, you, the SOUL you, is having the experience. That means you are not reliving the experience, you are understanding or viewing the experience from a new perspective.
    Everything is about frequencies. And we are matching these frequencies all the time in order to feel comfortable. The trick if you will is to understand what are the frequencies you are seeking a match for
    This is where the healing occurs.
    When you understand that the frequency you have been using as a match is not you and you no longer relive a past experience but rather “view” it, from the AUTHENTIC SOUL LEVEL, the experience takes on a new meaning. It becomes a teaching, a learning experience of your current life. You can reflect on the event and be able to see how you still may be playing out this same experience in your current life.
    This happens because when we grow in our life experiences, we take on belief systems that stay in our subconscious mind. These belief systems become magnets and are in fact “set points” for certain frequencies in our current life.
    Here’s an example, say at the age of 3 you took on a belief that money was not important, that it had no worth in your life because your parents had this belief. Now at the age of 30 you find that you have no money and no matte what you do you just can’t seem to get it. Well that 3 year old YOU that went in her head with the belief that money had no worth, is now in your head seeking a match for that frequency. So every time you seek money the frequency match is, “it has no worth in my life”. Until you wake up that 3 yr old and change that “set point” about money, no matte what you do in your, money will always come back to,”it has no worth in my life”. I have special techniques to wake this process up and change it with you.
    This work is very profound and life changing for anyone. It is very fast, YOU WILL FEEL CHANGES IN YOUR FIRST SESSION. Especially if you feel you have an event causing you emotional distress that you think you just have to live with because the past is the past and there is nothing you can do about it. This is like psychotherapy sped up! THE RESULTS ARE VERY FAST AND PROFOUND.
    I have been doing this work for over 25 yrs now both in person and on the phone all over the world, and have seen and experienced 1000’s of people truly “healing the past” and living wonderful aware, happy lives today.


    Associates Degree in Science NVCC 1988, Massage therapy license PMTI 1992, National Certified Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork 1992, Certificate in Healing Perfect Health and Ayurvedic medicine. Deepak Chopra 1992 Advanced Myofascial/ Certified Rolfer Degree 1994, International Infant Massage Instructor 1995, Certificate in Energy Healing Barbara Brennen 1996, Training and Certification with Doreen Virtue, Sandra Ann Taylor, Abraham Hicks and Wayne Dwyer 1999, Quantum Touch Practitioner 2009, IBMS Licensed Coach 2012, Certificate in The Sacred Heart Drunvalo 2013, Published Author “The Pocked Guide to Presence” 2013, Esoteric Healer 2015, Inventor and Creator of the Frequency Adjuster® Om Healing Wand and the Frequency Adjustment TM 2016, Certified Healer Stansted Hall Stansted England 1998

    Years In Practice

    25 years

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