Katharine Hargreaves

    Los Angeles, California, United States.

    • Quantum Coaching
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    I used to design human-centered technology. Now I design the human experience.
    I work with impactful humans and mission-driven organizations to design the reality that serves your highest evolution. For as long as I can remember, I have been an alchemist: a connector of dots, a sacred storyteller, a transformational artist who holds the vision of the whole.
    My career has provided me with the profoundly powerful tools to design, challenge, and innovate systems - both internally and externally. After years spent designing human-centered technology, I realized that humans were the part of this puzzle that fascinated me most - and my focus moving forward. In a world deeply divided, I now see my role as a "Spiritual Technologist"; that is, helping people identify and own their sacred soul-full YES. I'm here for your quantum leap into a new reality.
    As an empath, I help you attune your energy to new frequencies. As a visionary entrepreneur and creative problem-solver, big ideas and bold actions are my specialty. I propel you into new possibilities. I don't believe it's enough to learn how to innovate your life. My intention for you is to be FULLY EMBODIED. Thus I focus and align your inner flame so that your LIGHT fuels your LIFE.


    I empower mission-driven individuals and organizations to identify, articulate and align their unique vision and voice into a strategy for success. I incorporate design thinking, innovation tools, coaching methodologies, core shamanism, and creative play into my approach because I believe that knowing and owning YOUR tools is more important than getting force fed answers by some expert.
    No one else has your answers. I make sure YOU do.


    UX Design Immersive - General Assembly, Prototype Thinking - Tom Chi, Core Shamanism Basic Training - Foundation for Shamanic Studies (Ongoing) Deep Coaching Intensive - Rich Litvin (Ongoing)

    Years In Practice

    5 Years

    Latest News

    I offer 1:1 Quantum Coaching, a Womxn's Monthly Mastermind, and a monthly play temple via ARKO.
    Please visit my website for more information on my coaching philosophy and packages.

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