Kate DeWitt

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • LUVI is a lifestyle brand consisting of LUVI Yoga (yoga classes and workshops), LUVI Pop Ups (lifestyle events and food events at the yoga studio), LUVI Food (simple, delicious recipes with interchangeable ingredients based on what you have on hand), LUVI Videos (LUVI Yoga on YouTube) and LUVI Retreats (yoga and lifestyle retreats)


    LUVI is a family of lifestyle brands founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, by Kate, the LUVI Yogi. An expat and former corporate lawyer, Kate is taking the fever of legal deal work and applying to it her passion for yoga and healthy, natural living. LUVI is composed of LUVI Yoga, LUVI Pop Ups, LUVI Food, LUVI Videos and LUVI Retreats. LUVI Yoga is a vinyasa and yin based yoga studio whose signature style is romantic and strong. LUVI Pops Ups is our curated series of the top trends in lifestyle events, held at the LUVI Yoga studio. LUVI Food is a collection of quick, delicious, primarily plant-based recipes featuring interchangeable ingredients based on what you have on hand on any particular day. LUVI Videos provides yoga videos on the LUVI Yoga YouTube channel and LUVI Retreats is our retreat concept, combining yoga with health lifestyle trends.


    My style, in line with the LUVI signature style, is romantic and strong. I teach a dynamic vinyasa flow which varies in intensity and pace but is always centered on connecting breath and movement. Whether moving as if dancing a ballet or as empowered warriors, we bring together movement, music and a sense of strength. I love to offer my students a chance to learn something new, have an "aw ha" moment and often an inversion (my favorite!).


    YogaWorks 200 yoga teacher training, July 2017

    J.D., Georgetown University Law Center, May 2010

    Years In Practice

    1 year

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