Karina Velasco

    Mexico City, Mexico

    • Tantric Private Facilitations
    • Yoga Classes
    • Sexuality and tantra classes & workshops
    • Ecstatic Dance


    A women with a lot of projects and solid results merged her two passions: Media and her knowledge in different holistic disciplines. She is certified in Sivananda (2003) and Yoga Works Los Angeles (2010), as a Natural foods Chef by the Natural Gourmet Institute, as a Health coach in Integrative Nutrition, Nueva York (2008) and since 2010 in different sexuality techniques such as Tantra and Sex Energetics. She is a best selling author published by Random House Penguin. The art of health living, From the sweet spot to the g spot, The colors of love among others. Karina has been invited as a speaker in conferences in Germany, Australia and New Zeland. She has retreats, intensives and private classes in Mexico and the U.S. Karina’s passion is to support people to have more freedom, passion, pleasure and joy in their lives. Founder of and co-founder for


    Yorgasmic gives you the tools and information to create the connection, intimacy and love with yourself and others that you so much wish. It’s an invitation to discover your sexual power, how to use it and share it. Open your mind to new possibilities. Access your full potential as a human being.
    With my support you will design the life, relationships and sexuality you really want. How much connection, intimacy, pleasure and joy you want to experience? Pleasure as a tool of transformation is powerful, it makes you feel good, gives you clarity and gives you the passion to create the life you want. Pleasure creates a space in which all the attributes you are looking for emerge. You will discover your personal formula of happiness, peace, joy and love so you can shine. 
    Karina and Yorgasmic creates experiences of transformation filled with joy, fun and pleasure.


    Universal energy techniques (1998), Sivananda Certification (2003), Yoga Works (200) hour Certification (2010), Natural foods Chef- Natural Gourmet Institute (2009), Health coach- Integrative Nutrition (2008), Sexuality techniques - Tantra, Skydancing tantra and Bio-energetics (2010-2017)

    Years In Practice

    9 years


    I practice In Mexico city and Los Angeles. Most of my work are as a speaker, author, media expert and massive events. Have a few privates a year.

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