Juno Burger

    Noordwijk, The Netherlands

    • RealEase Energy Work :: personal clearing sessions remotely worldwide and on site in Amsterdam and the Hague (the Netherlands)
    • Space clearing consults for houses and office buildings
    • Business clearings for businesses, staff and teams


    Because of my sensitivity to all manner of energies I have explored paths that would help me deal with those energies without them having an adverse effect upon me. I needed to be comfortable with the various energies / emotions so that I did not follow old, conditioned, patterns of closing down or reacting subconsciously. 
    For the past 22 years my path has been to practice consciously embracing all of life, spending the time with myself, the people I meet and the places I visit to develop my own ability to be more compassionate. 
    By consciously experiencing and embracing all that life presents I have trained my system to accept all information that I experience without holding onto the various emotions / energies that show up on my path. This has meant that, over the years, I have become increasingly available for all aspects of life, integrating the dark side and the light side with increasing equanimity. 
    The results of this journey, have led to a more open, fearless heart and this is what I am abe to offer you. The energetic space that this open heart creates allows a space where all tension can discharge, be it for you, a family member, home or business. As any built up charge releases energy can ow more freely. 
    In recent years I have cleared thousands of homes and people energetically which has given me a wealth of experience. I can pass this experience on to you, not only in the clearing of you, your family, home or workplace but in explaining how you can do this yourself, handing you the tools and awareness to live magically and effortlessly.


    Notice and Let it be. My work is about the paradox of the compassionate heart, a place of infinite compassion where conflict can no longer exist when awareness and compassion come together.


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    23 years of life study, teaching and practicing into the dynamics of the compassionate heart, Certified practitioner and teacher training with energy clearing founder Eric Dowsett.

    Years In Practice

    22 years

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