Julieta Huerta

    Mexico City, Mexico

    • Astrology
    • Core-energetics
    • Family constellations
    • Past life regressions
    • Meditation
    • Tarot
    • Massage
    • Dance- therapy


    I am a Medicine Woman, that is me to the core. That is how I can present myself to the world with complete authenticity. This I feel with such depth in my heart. I didn't resonate with the term 'coach'. I felt a fraud, I felt fake. It felt out of alignment for me personally.... I am a Medicine Woman, my definition doesn’t come from the term medicine like modern medicine, it's ancient, indigenous. It is the way of the earth keepers, it is the way of the priestesses of old and the way of the sacred teachers and elders who came before us.
    I am connected to everything around me, especially mother earth and the animals, I hear, see and feel the spirit world and seek peace always for myself and others. I teach from the heart...I am here to serve. To serve those that seek guidance on their path and healing.
    I am an apprentice of life, dancer, yogini focused on recovering core meanings and strength in order to find balance in our lives through different techniques such as astrology, core-energetics, family constellations, past life regressions, meditation, tarot and dance- therapy. 
    My intention is to help you find your center and for you to become your own guide. I will give you tools to open your heart and connect with your emotions so that you learn to read your body and find YOUR path, no the one you were told to walk but the one that makes you truly happy
    My work is based on comprehending life cycles and universal laws and since the micro-cosmos is equal to the macro-cosmos understanding yourself, and your cycles helps you live without judgment, with acceptance and joy, opening your heart and embracing all aspects of reality. Living consciously stops suffering and helps recognize the light and shadow of experiences transforming yourself and helping you to flow in the eternal and universal dance of life


    Every session is different since each individual has different needs and the techniques I practice vary greatly .


    Diploma in therapeutic massage, AKASHA MEXICO, Ayurveda course, JIVA AYURVEDA INDIA, Family constellations diploma SOWELU MEXICO,

    Years In Practice

    8 years


    I am the astrologer for a Mexican magazine called Vanidades and I am currently working on a project for elders, kind of a day care for them so that their quality of life.

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