Julie Dujardin

    BC, Canada

    • Reiki
    • Healing oils
    • Deep Tissue Massage
    • Cannabis Topicals
    • Reflexology
    • Ear Candling
    • Healing Oils
    • Couples Massage
    • Angel Readings
    • Guided Meditation.


    At a very age I developed my skills in healing energy and massage caring for my dad who was on a kidney dialysis machine my whole childhood. By desire for healing and comfort I spun webs of sparkling light rather than working massage as a job or career.
    I pull forth healing powers through me so much so my hands emanate the warmth of it. Everybody comments on the heat they feel. The heat plus my instinct has brought many an incredible experience and positive whimsical touch to their life.
    In high school at 14 I was shampooing and doing deep conditioning with scalp massage by instinct and it became a real item so much so the client would have their conditioner on and we'd go into a quiet room away from the busy salon and I would guide them into deep meditation for 15 minutes. Within a couple years time, by 16, I was asked by the esthetician to take over her massages for her and I instantly fell in love with the art of massage. I felt the energy flow so effortlessly through me and I felt as if I were dancing, at first attempt.
    I thoroughly enjoy being present and helping others heal in session with a variety of seasonal wellness features.


    I believe it is possible to regenerate the body, clear burdening emotions and ascend into a Divine expression of yourself time and time again.
    My focus is to help you do that at the level you are ready. I am here to help your Spirit to become even more comfortable in your own skin.
    I believe living wellness to be a source of life force that we can acknowledge as a sacred fire that brings us into the present moment.
    This Sacred Fire has the ability to heal our lives on various levels including having the power to reverse any illness.


    Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue & spa therapies, Golden Dragon Priestess Reiki with Jerome Blaudel, Inner Body Meditation taught by Eckhart Tolle's close friend and publisher and Fairyologist with Doreen Virtue.

    Certified Fairyologist by Doreen Virtue

    Years In Practice

    Over 28 years in professional practice of deep tissue healing massage.
    Over 25 years in professional spiritual readings.

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