Julie Bernier

    Malibu, California, USA.

    • Ayurvedic consultations
    •  Ayurvedic lifestyle guidance
    • Ayurvedic bodywork treatments (abhyanga, shirodhara, etc.)
    •  Ayurvedic yoga
    • Ayurvedic workshops and retreats


    I teach women the art of self-care so that they feel their healthiest and happiest in their own unique bodies. This holistic approach to individualized wellness is rooted in the ancient Indian knowledge of ayurveda: a complete medical science and way of life which explains that our wellbeing blossoms when we align ourselves with nature. I'm a registered ayurvedic practitioner with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA), a Certified Massage Therapist, and a classical hatha yoga teacher. I studied each of these modalities in the US and straight from the source in India.


    I believe there is a way of life which is inherent to our true human nature. It is a life lived in harmony with nature’s rhythms; those of the sun, the moon, and the seasons; and one that honors our own unique reflection of the nature around us.
    This is the wisdom that I share as an ayurvedic practitioner and yoga teacher. I help others to restore their natural lifestyle: that which makes them feel balanced, connected, energetic, fulfilled, and spiritually uplifted.
    This is not solely a change in diet or a few medicinal herbs. While these may be a part of the process, our most important work together is learning how and why to care for the body and mind.


    • National Ayurvedic Medical Association


    Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner with NAMA, Certified yoga instructor, Certified Massage Therapist

    Years In Practice

    4 Years

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