Judy Godhart

    Berlin, Germany

    • Health Coach


    I wasn’t always the caring and conscientious individual I am today. I know how it’s like to feel unfulfilled, restless, unhappy imprisoned in the pain of not knowing what to do, without having people to connect to – fighting wars against mind chatter, self doubt and fear. during my life I went through depression, eating disorder, burn out, isolation and nearly a decade of pain & tears but always dedicated to find the key to happiness & fulfillment. and finally – I did. I found the key to turn the tide in my favor letting me remember who and how powerful I am. Finally I saw beauty in everything surrounding me – recognizing all external as a part of myself. And that’s what I am passionate about: helping my clients remember who they are and showing them their unique beauty that radiates beyond the appearance!
    I know that each of my clients emanates a unique radiance and I truly see their greatness and beauty. I challenge and encourage my clients to be the most powerful they can be and help provide the inner resources to understand themselves, claim their own power and turn the tide in their favour.
    I am passionate about helping strong individuals, who feel that they’re meant to have bigger, brighter, more fulfilling lives than the ones they’re currently living, remember themselves and see their beauty by giving them proven strategies and tools to implement immediately.
    As a life coach I help conscious high achievers to release their inner blocks and break through old programming. I give my clients the key to master their emotions, so that stress and feelings of disconnection and unworthiness can be converted into emotional independence, confidence and intimacy – so that they can live a life of authentic power and really make an impact.
    Why did i choose this path?
    I have previously worked as a journalist in the fashion industry and have written numerous articles on wellness & health topics as well as conducted face-to-face interviews with leaders in a variety of fields, which helped me harness the ability to lead leaders.
    My broad life experience enables me to be conscious of various challenges that my clients are facing and over the years I have cultivated the ability to assist them effectively with improving their lives.
    I decided to leave the fashion industry, as I couldn’t resist my inner calling to follow a path of spiritual growth and help like-minded people translate lives many expectations and confusions into a clear roadmap. 


    It's not about knowing more. The key to an empowered and fulfilling life is to remember who we truly are and unlearn. I help my clients sharpen their superpowers and amplify their impact.


    iPEC Certification, ELI Master Practitioner, Numerous Advanced Trainings and Education in Psychology, Leadership and Human Dynamics


    4 years


    My work is dedicated to female professionals & visionaries working in the creative industries. I help them to release stress and be in a healthy relationship with others - but first and foremost with themselves. So they can be the powerful leaders the world so desperately need

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