Joyce Rockwood

    Los Angeles, California

    • Essential Oil Consultant
    • Certified Gravity Colon Hydrotherapist
    • Gut Health Expert: Speaker/Consultant


    Joyce Rockwood, C.C.H., is a gut health expert, Gravity-Based Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, doTERRA Essential Oils educator/distributor, and high-vibing example of radiant well-being - inside and out.

    A holistic healthcare practitioner since 1999, Joyce has devoted herself to sharing the benefits of her signature alternative/preventive approach to living, healing and overcoming chronic pain and illness. Having owned and operated multiple New York City wellness studios, served as Director of Colon Hydrotherapy at DTLA’s The Springs, and administered over 20,000 colonics to date, Joyce has guided thousands of people to lead more productive, joyous and healthy lives. Whether offering one-on-one, custom-crafted nutritional consultations, or teaching groups of visionary entrepreneurs about the benefits of essential oils, detoxification and really good probiotics, Joyce is ever and always going the proverbial distance to guide and support her clients in claiming authority over their own well-being.

    Joyce, whose name has become synonymous with gut health, works with athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs and global game-changers to embody upleveled iterations of longevity and optimal well-being. A straight-shooter who oozes ooey-gooey optimism from her every radiant pore, Joyce walks her talk, practices what she preaches, and embodies the philosophies about which she so passionately educates others.

    Joyce is the Executive Producer of “Plant-Based Champions,” a global telesummit featuring interviews with twenty-one of the world’s most influential plant-based luminaries. She has been featured in Well+GoodHarper's Bazaar and GOOP, among other publications; served as an expert speaker for Neutrogena®; and collaborated with The Natalia Rose Institute’s Detox the World. She consults with both individuals and groups on gut health and holistic wellness, and leads organizational trainings on essential oils, and all things doTERRA. Joyce lives in Los Angeles, where she loves to swim, bike, bounce on her trampoline, and inspire others to thrive.


    Joyce guides and empowers YOU to become the master of your own detoxification. By educating her clients on how to include gravity colon hydrotherapy and CPTG Essential Oils into a healthy lifestyle, countless individuals have discovered new levels of vitality they never knew were even possible!

    Joyce has built her practice upon personal experience and mentoring from Gil Jacobs, her original colon hydrotherapist, once business partner, and life-long friend. And her expertise is in having administered over 25,000 colonics over a twenty year period, inclusive of and over twenty years experience and knowledge of eating a plant-based/vegan raw foods diet (you don't have to be a raw food vegan to work with me) and having received over 6500 colonics herself. She is also a Certified Thai Yoga Bodyworker and if you must know, former NYC Artists Agent who still has a passion for all artists ...and musicians!


    Woods Hygenic Institute, Kissimmee FL

    Thai Yoga Body Work Certification, Ananda Apfelbaum, NYC

    Years In Practice

    1997 - Current

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