Joy Dushey

    New York, NY, USA.

    • The Joyful Alchemy: Begins with Intuitive therapeutic talk and coaching tips for holistic integration, followed by an alchemical Breathwork with Reiki, touch and Sound healing for restoring.


    My work was an evolution after experiencing years as a knowledge-seeker exploring answers to the questions of life. In my 20’s, my naturally exuberant nature was challenged when I lost my brother tragically and later I endured the most traumatic event of my life. At the age of 29, I suffered an ischemic stroke. It was a totally transformative experience that forced me to reevaluate the deeper meaning of my life as I once knew it. After a year of rehabilitation, I set out on a journey of self-discovery that led to healthier, conscious living and a spiritual path.
    I connected with specialists in holistic therapy healing and studied with spiritual teachers. I became immersed with the CHEK Institute, where in 2012 I became certified as a coach and trained under David Elliott I was certified as a Breathwork practitioner in 2017. After overcoming adversity, I felt passionate about helping others overcome blocks that prevent us from reaching optimal living. Today, I am the mom of two grown girls, an avid distance runner, and an advocate for conscious fashion. I live in NYC, and I practice there as well.


    I’m Joy. I support people in creating joyful alignment of the whole self through a holistic lifestyle called The Joyful Approach.
    My work is intuitive, following the energy of the individual or the group, and may include breathwork, reiki, meditation, and other esoteric healing practices. But it always stems from The Joyful Approach, my framework for the joyful alignment of the whole self.
    I take a holistic approach, looking at wellness from many different angles, so I’m passionate about bringing people and resources together to create a community that can share knowledge and ideas as each person within it grows.
    When we work together, I meet you where you are, and I offer a safe space and loving support as you shift beliefs that no longer serve you and explore new possibilities for bringing joy, love, and freedom into your life.


    The CHEK Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach in 2010, David Elliott 2017 Breathwork Practitioner, Reiki Level 1&2 Angel Cantu 2018

    Years In Practice

    7 Years

    Latest News

    A Joyful Approach workshop is a thoughtfully curated event with the intention to inspire positive shift in one’s life. Our Mission is to offer tools for transformation for one to access his or her higher self in a safe environment.
    What I call 'The Joyful Approach Lifestyle' is a two tiered lifestyle system. The first tier focuses on the immediate, ‘How one can impact their life now,' and works with six fundamental holistic components: Sleep, Hydration, Nutrition, Breathing, Thinking, and Movement. The second tier focus’s on the deeper layers of our ‘Emotional life and how we navigate relationships'. We work with six key areas: Self Love, Authenticity, Boundary Setting, Motivating Intentions, Core Values, and Daily Practice.
    We generally begin a Joyful Approach Workshop having each person share who they are, where they’re from, and why they came to the workshop. The intention is to allow them to witness one another, creating a safe space where they begin to feel comfortable sharing from their hearts. Once that energetic is established in the room, miraculous things can happen.

    Pragmatically throughout the workshop, we use guided meditation, Breathwork exercises, and sound tools to facilitate deeper opening. We form groups, do partnering exercises, journal work, and other strategies for intensifying engagement.

    The foundation of the Joyful Approach stems from the meta concept that Mind/Body/Spirit are always working in unison. The goal in working with people in this way is to help bring area’s that are out of balance into harmony.
    A Joyful Approach Event can be shaped into anything from a 2 hour workshop, to a day-long/weekend workshop, to a full-on destination retreat.
    **Additionally, I love collaborating with likeminded teachers in hosting these events. That’s shown up a number of ways in working with astrologers, sound bath facilitators, reiki masters, and other beautiful healers. Often the themes of the workshops are curated based on the cycles of the moon.

    One of my professional strong suits is as a Breathwork Healer. Breathwork is a potent way to flush out old patterns/stories and release stuck emotions. It opens us up to creativity, new possibilities, joy and love. I’ll often end an event with a breathwork session because I’ve found that once people are deeply dropped-in, the potency of the breathwork is exponential. Incorporating evocative music-essential oils, intentional affirmations and Reiki touch, for amplified healing and finally a Sound bath for restoring and bringing the physiological body back into harmony.

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