Jorim Holtey-Weber

    Lisbon, Portugal.

    • Life Coaching
    • Life Event Strategy
    • Personal Development Workshops
    • Sports Training
    • Positioning Consulting for Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed, and Small Businesses


    Hi there, I am Jorim.
    I grew up in Germany but have lived in many places: Madrid (ES), Groningen (NL), Coimbra (PT), Exmouth (UK), and São Paulo (BR). Now, I am living in the Lisbon Area (PT). I love doing sports and even more doing it in nature. I'm an adventurer and love languages, healthy eating, and learning. I didn't really know what I would do with it but started studying psychology. I simply followed my interest, basically.
    During my BSc, I took half a year abroad to focus more on sports - also based on interest. Then, I came to a point where I needed to decide what to do next. Instead of choosing one or the other, I choose both: an MSc in Psychology and another MSc in Sports Sciences. Already during the MScs - which were more theoretical than I would've wished - I started doing something practical: coaching.
    I started with friends and others to help them become an even better version of themselves. Later, I decided to get certified as a coach and continue my path this way. I love helping people and learning more about the human mind to understand myself and the world better. People deserve to be able to break free from their limiting beliefs and I am here to help create that change!
    At the same time, I'm also passionate about entrepreneurship and changing the world by making your ideas come true. With my background in psychology, I see that many freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses don't really communicate what they stand for. What do I do about that? I help them to actually identify what their values are, how to communicate them, and how to achieve unlimited clients without any marketing budget, Facebook ads, and website funnels. I know, it sounds exaggerated but if you're interested (and don't want to spend your time following cold online leads), hit me up and we can have a call about it.


    I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and German fluently and offer my services in all of these languages. Thanks for having a look at my profile and if you found anything interesting please do get in touch. Best wishes, Jorim


    VSPN (Association for Sport Psychology Netherlands/Vereniging SportPsychologie Nederland) International Association of Professional Life Coaches


    MSc Psychology (specialisation: Talent Development and Creativity), MSc Sports Sciences Coach for Young Professionals, NLP Practitioner Happiness Life Coach

    Years In Practice

    2 Year. 

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