Jori Adler

    Los Angeles, California, USA.

    • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy
    • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)
    • Spiritual Counseling
    • Buddhism
    • Meditation


    1978. Born to Jewish atheists and raised in Boulder, Colorado. 
    Totally clueless, numb, unaware of myself. 
    Go through the motions of life. 
    Blindly follow a path and become television producer. 
    Feel like a fraud, phony. Know something is missing inside, but no idea how to figure that out. 
    Try therapy. Get nothing out of it. 
    Assume my life will always be this way. 
    2007. Start spending time at Esalen and experience the beginnings of awakening. 
    2008. Leave my career in Hollywood and move to Northern California to attend graduate school in Counseling Psychology.
    Feel a deep sense of rightness. 

    Love, loss, grief, huge period of growth. 
    2012. Receive Somatic Experiencing. New worlds inside of myself are opened to me. 
    2013. Discover Buddhism and meditation and it's a total game changer. The world starts to make sense. 
    2016. Find EMDR. Subconscious begins to reveal itself.


    When I'm with my clients, I'm totally in the flow. You have my complete focus, presence, and acceptance. We get comfortable being open and vulnerable together and so we laugh, we cry, we get real. I will lovingly push you to challenge your thinking, to explore and grow. If you're open to a creative approach within the bounds of traditional therapy, we may be a good fit.
    For example, clients and I have: had a session in an art gallery; practiced outdoor walking meditation and often spend time in my garden; re-enacted dreams; visualization to create ideal mother; quasi-hypnotic childhood exploration; experienced safety in the body; visual explorations into subconscious.
    Some recent topics include: masculine/feminine energy, when to leave a relationship, feeling worthy of love, discovering passion / purpose, being in denial, de-shaming sexual fantasies, healthy boundaries, codependency, how to manifest using law of attraction, tapping into your intuition, how to feel your heart, sexless marriage, no healthy relationship models.
    Life plans not going as expected, Catholicism, difficulty making decisions, changing who you're attracted to, being single, body acceptance, love addiction, more feeling less thinking, sense of belonging, how your brain works against you.


    • California Association Marriage & Family Therapists
    • Board of Behavioral Sciences
    • Against the Stream
      Buddhist Meditation Center
    • Consultant on Showtime drama series, "The Affair"


    BA, Sociology, Emory University, MA, Counseling Psychology, Sonoma State University, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR);Marie Manuchehri, Pat Allen, Terry Real, Sue Johnson, Emotionally Focused Therapy

    Years In Practice

    6 Years

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