Joey Desantis

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    • Naturopathic consults
    • Massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture services


    I am the owner of The Palm Beach Wellness Boutique and the Naturopathic Doctor on staff. I received my Doctorate Degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Canada. I currently hold a license in the state of California.
    I have spent many years studying, practicing and observing integrative medicine. While my husband’s career led us to live in Europe for seven years, I was able to immerse in the culture and observe first hand how leading functional medicine practitioners worked. Spending time in countries such as Germany and Switzerland, which are at the forefront of integrative medicine, enablede to truly understand the benefits and success of these practices.
    My interest in health, wellness and nutrition led me to naturopathy. My customized approach to health, allows each client to have his or her own individualized plan. I focuses on identifying and then healing the root cause of disease, rather than suppressing symptoms. Clients will benefit from My passion for personal wellness and professional training. 
    On a personal note, I am mom to the two wildest and most amazing children. They bring me more joy than I could have ever imagined. They are 2 and 1 . Our family just settled down in palm beach gardens, Fl and love having sun year round.


    This can be a hard thing to summarize as part of what my strength is, is customization and understanding every person needs a different plan. My philosophy is to be open minded and throughout the listening and conversation part of the consult, I allow my clients to tell me what they need. With most people that come to me it is like a puzzle and they have been trying to put it together without looking at the overall image or outcome first. Clients come to me after an endless battle of suppressing symptoms and never getting to the root cause of illness. I believe in living a vibrant lifestyle, not just one free of disease. Part of the way we are able to do this is by empowering clients through education and teaching them how to heal their selves on a daily basis.


    Doctor of naturopathic medicine

    Doctor of chiropractic

    L.A.c, Dip O.M

    Years In Practice

    ND - 3 years
    DC - 3 years
    L.A.c, Dip O.M - 1 year

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