Joel Adifon

    New York, NY, United States.

    • Spiritual Healing (Hands-On & Distance + Individual & Group)
    • Messages from the Divine
    • Intuitive Guidance
    • Public Speaking & Teaching


    Born into a lineage of West African mystics and ecstatic healers, Joel developed the ability to walk with the Divine. As a Divine Catalyst, he enters a state where he works as the mouth and hands of Heaven. With the assistance of holy beings and master souls, he helps you move Beyond Human Effort and into Grace. As a result of the work Joel facilitates, many individuals have created miracles like regrowing chipped teeth, dissolving tumors, instantaneously shedding weight, and radically altering their finances.
    In Joel's Words "I grew up in awe. I was born into a large West African family where miracles and two-way dialogue with the Divine are the norm. My whole life, I've lived surrounded by entities and energies, spirits and beings. I spent years wrestling with this reality, caught between the world of Spirit and a desire to be a "normal" kid.
    At 15, Divine Intervention upended my life. In a vivid visionary encounter, The Lord of Miracles called my Soul. After being embraced by the Presence of Love, I offered myself in service to Divine Compassion, deeply longing to share the Grace I received.
    Fast-forward over a decade of Awakenings and Initiations
    Today, I use my spiritual gifts to help clients work Miracles and do the Impossible. I watch people encounter Divine Love, heal their bodies, and realize their Dreams in extraordinary ways, melting away the prognoses and limitations they once held.
    I’ve come to know this:
    In the Eyes of the Divine, We Matter. Far more than we could ever fathom. At our very Core, we are held.Always."


    I don't want to simply tell you stories of miracles I've witnessed. I want to help you create them for yourself. It's not enough for me to say the Divine is crazy about you. I want to *show* you, so you can see firsthand.
    Firsthand experience is always the greatest teacher.
    Time and time again, I've seen the profound change that occurs when a client goes from a theory of what's possible to the actualization of that Possibility. There are few things greater than seeing minds blown and hearts opened, few things more rewarding than watching wonder return to once dimmed eyes.
    Deep within your being, the Divine is already speaking. All around your life, holy beings and master souls are already working.
    My job is to help you Hear. My job is to help you See.


    2017 - Cont. - 1000+ hours of study and onsite pilgrimage with spiritual guide, healer, and creative visionary Ron Young (Healing Wisdom), 2017 - 2018 - Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology (conc. in Spirituality & Mind-Body Studies) - Columbia University - New York, New York, 2016 - 2017 - Enlightened Business Mastery with Gina Spriggs - Charlotte, North Carolina, 2015 - 2016 - Transformation Leadership & Self-Mastery - Gratitude Training - Charlotte, North Carolina, 2008 - 2010 - Youth Prayer Minister & Youth Evangelist - Hartford, Connecticut, Mentored by several successful mystics and healers, Life-long Spiritual Gift Development in a large extended family of mystics, mediums, and healers.

    Years In Practice

    11+ years

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