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    I was born and raised on my family farm just outside of Billings, Montana. Growing up on a farm, I spent my days playing with animals, exploring ponds, creeks, trees, hills and pastures. I didn't realize at the time, but definitely as I got older and moved to a city, the importance of our connection to nature and it's creatures. I was quite athletic growing up, always playing outside but also volleyball, basketball and tae kwon do. I received a scholarship for volleyball. I studied Computer Science and after graduating from University I moved to San Francisco, California. After a year and a half working in technology I decided to pursue other career opportunities outside of a cubicle. I began working in a spa part time which sparked my interest to pursue a career in the healing arts. I since had moved to Los Angeles, California and pursued my esthetics license.


    Over the years, I have come across many different skin care products and brands. I began my career in luxury spa. Here I learned about how to create a relaxing atmosphere, where every detail is thought about in terms of guest experience. Unfortunatly, I eventually discovered that many high-end luxury spas do not place the same attention into the products they use in treatments and have available for guests. I realized this was not necessarily fault of the spa but many companies formulate their products with toxic ingredients and deceive the innocent consumer with manipulative marketing. It has become a passion to study ingredients to mentor clients on the importance of clean skin care and a non-toxic lifestyle, along with balancing internal and external influences that ultimately affect our skin.
    In treatments, I use a holistic approach to skin care combining ancient healing techniques with advanced non-invasive technologies. By considering and addressing underlying external and internal factors, rather than masking the symptoms, we can achieve long term results. Our bodies are constantly working to keep us alive. When one system is out of balance and the energy is focused on trying to correct that disparity it takes away from other systems. When to many systems are out of balance (mentally, hormonally and spiritually) the body begins to show externally. Seeking to correct the imbalances are key to truly solving many unwanted skin conditions. I constantly seek new insight by attending trade shows, advanced education workshops, collaborating with other estheticians and industry professionals. Striving to stay well versed and up to date with ingredients, products, techniques and technologies. 
    Ohmbiance came about with the understanding that in order for anyone to achieve their most beautiful self... mind, body and spirit must all be in harmony. Every aspect of our existence is connected. Which influences our state of being and ultimately our skin. Whether it's ingredients in our products or food, air and water quality, fabrics we drape our bodies and fill our home with or even people we surround ourselves with, emotions we suppress or foster... Every part of our lives has an impact.


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