Jessica Abbott

    Venice, California.

      • Luxury Meditation
      • Yoga
      • Home Goods
      • Functional Art


    I grew up on the Santa Monica and Venice boardwalk, raised by young and liberal flower children. My non conformist upbringing and innate eye for fashion quickly set the foundation for my balanced free spirited, yet luxury aesthetic. I considered fashion school, but opted instead for a full scholarship to UC Berkeley. After graduation and a first taxing job in a talent agency, dissatisfied, I pondered again design school or yoga teacher training. I then attended Otis College for Design and by age 25 was living my version of the American Dream, running lucrative companies as a COO. I had a successful 12 year run in Fashion, Tequila and Luxury goods.
    In spite of my material accomplishments, I wasn’t truly fulfilled and felt inauthentic. Working long hours, in very fast paced environments, with little time to myself, I felt unbalanced and void of my true purpose. While passionate about my career, my heart longed for a way to create more peace and love in the world.
    Since my late teens, I’ve spent my free time doing Yoga and Meditation as often as I can, to counterbalance my western life. In 2015 I began working with a life coach and ascended on a deep path of spiritual and personal introspection. Later in the year, I finally did my yoga teacher training. This led to a devotional sabbatical in Rishikesh, India, the yoga center of the world. My heart opened! Delving into the roots and culture of India and yoga, I was wholly inspired by the simple, yet abundantly happy and loving culture that I encountered.
    Upon returning to the states, the idea of .adhikya. came to me during my meditations. I was seeking to unify the perfect balance between my western aesthetic and my beloved eastern practices. My intent is to encourage consciousness in our hectic lives by creating products that we are inspired to practice with. I’m committed to advancing mindfulness on an individual level; I believe personal healing and transformation will in turn raise global consciousness, elevating our society to embrace love and eliminate fear, for the ultimate manifestation of world human rights and peace.


    200hr YTT with Tamal Dodge ASSOCIATIONS, Yoga Alliance, Soho House, Summit

    Years In Practice

    19 years.

    Launching with Moda Operandi on August 3rd for a trunk show!

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