Jennifer Goldman

    Old Westbury, New York, United States.

    • TEA + OIL Ceremony 
    • Essential Oil Rituals & Healing Aromatherapy
    • Mindfulness Meditation Workshops for Self-Awareness
    • Positive Psychology Workshops for Mental Health & Emotional Intelligence
    • Beauty Products for Mental Health

    I teach workshops, which integrate my diverse background in holistic healing including advanced yoga, mindfulness meditation, aromatherapy and positive psychology.  All of my workshops include a custom blend of gentle movement, meditation, essential oils and tea, guided visualization, partner exercises, sharing circle and more.  This powerful synergy of practices and products is what I have personally used to overcome mental illness and promotes mental and emotional healing in my clients.
    "Tea + Oil Ritual," as I have coined one particular series, synthesizes my personal hybrid of yoga practice (aka "mindful movement" with Hatha and Kundalini influences) with herbal tea ceremony and the healing application of essential oils. I teach this workshop in different venues, such as yoga studios, wellness centers, apothecaries, and schools, and adapt the flow of the program to cater to the location. The process of "Tea + Oil Ritual" assists in quieting the mind and opening the heart to an experience of self-love and compassion. It uses the natural rhythms of the body through breathwork and flow, as well as elements found in nature such as medicinal herbs, essential oils, and elemental energies, to deepen the connection to self and the world around you.
    Other offerings include: Essential Oil Rituals & Healing Aromatherapy, Mindfulness Meditation Workshops for Self-Awareness, Positive Psychology Workshops for Mental Health & Emotional Intelligence, and Beauty Products for Mental Health.


    I have been on a journey of exploration and self-discovery since age 15, when I was diagnosed with Depression. At the time, I was leading an unhappy and unsupportive life; unequipped with tools to healthfully navigate my sensitivity and intense emotions. At age 16, my parents made an unexpected and drastic decision. They sent me on a two-year journey, which began at an outdoor wilderness therapy program in the wintery Blue Ridge mountains, and followed up at an Emotional Growth Boarding School. This experience catalyzed my desire to radically change my life and become my own healer.
    I deep-dove into the world of mind body healing during my undergraduate career at Skidmore College, where I studied a Dual Bachelors Degree in Religious Studies and Philosophy. Since then, I have become a three time-certified 200-hour yoga teacher in the Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini traditions, as well as a 300-hour Advanced Clinical Aromatherapist. I have also studied extensively mindfulness, meditation, and energy healing, and consider myself a forever student on my spiritual path. 
    In 2013, during my Senior Year of College, I incorporated a holistic lifestyle and beauty brand called Essential Rose Life. Essential Rose Life has grown tremendously since then to now offer an entire line of mood-enhancing aromatherapy beauty products and herbal teas. Essential Rose Life products and specialized rituals of application nourish and regenerate the skin and transform self-care into an experience of healing self-love. I also host workshops which integrate my background and experience with mindful movement, sacred tea ceremony, and the healing application of essential oils. 
    I am committed to using my brand and personal life experience to spread awareness for mental health advocacy and support and empower others in their daily lives.


    I believe that "self-care" is not just about what you put on and in your body.  It is about what you feed your mind, how you nurture your emotions, and the relationship you have with yourself.  Mental health is the most important and essential part of wellness – no matter how beautifully we’re treating the body, we need to cultivate honesty, nurturing, acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness to be truly healthy and well.  Life, and healing, is a journey, not a destination.  True well-being requires continuous personal practice where we claim back time and space for ourselves every single day.  Through this process of continuously working on ourselves and taking ownership over our own emotional growth, we become empowered to perceive obstacles as opportunities and navigate the challenges and complexities of life.  Creating space to “be yourself" is the most effective "medicine" out there. 


    • New York Institute of Aromatic Studies
    • Tory Burch Foundation x Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses
    • WBE - Women Business Enterprise


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    Years In Practice

    8 years

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